Until we cure everybody with cancer, oncology in an academic setting must be research driven. The Blood & Marrow Transplant Program Research Team is comprised of a wide variety of clinical research professionals including scientists, research nurses, data managers and biostatisticians that provide our medical professionals with a depth of experience, expertise and leadership in the field. The Blood & Marrow Transplant program offers state-of-the art therapies for autologous, allogeneic and non-myeloablative allogeneic blood & marrow transplants as treatment for cancer.

Each year, we embark on newly sponsored blood & marrow transplant research protocols, cooperative group studies, as well as our own authored protocols. We conduct cutting edge clinical research in a myriad of aspects of blood & marrow transplants. We have a special interest in studies designed to reduce blood & marrow transplant related toxicities and studies that investigate improved methods for collecting peripheral stem cells prior to an autologous transplant. Additionally, we have become one of the two leading blood & marrow transplant centers with vibrant clinical research dedication to psychosocial aspects of our patients.

We take our blood & marrow transplant research projects to fruition and present the results at national meetings, and publish them in peer-reviewed journals. The year 2005 was a pinnacle, record-breaking year for the number of abstracts submitted to the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, the pre-eminent scientific meeting for blood & marrow transplants. At this meeting, investigators in our Program will be presenting valuable data to researchers and clinicians from all over the world, in regards to blood & marrow transplants.

To further our blood & marrow transplants research productivity, we are actively involved in the Center for International Blood & Marrow Transplant Research. The CIBMTR collects a vast amount of data concerning blood & marrow transplantation, which is used to guide clinical decisions and improve blood & marrow transplant outcomes.

Our Blood & Marrow Transplant Program is recognized as a leader in the field of blood & marrow transplant and patients are referred to us because we offer many opportunities for a patient to benefit from a blood & marrow transplant clinical trial. Our objective is to have research trials available for a variety of clinical situations, which meet the needs of our patients. We are exceedingly committed to improve upon transplant toxicities and patient outcomes. To this end, we open new research trials every year that are designed to explore new blood & marrow transplant treatment options and investigate innovative therapies. We have a large team of dedicated blood & marrow transplant research personnel to help accomplish these goals.