Wada Test

This test determines where your brain controls language and memory functions.

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Paul Ruggieri, MD, explains the Wada test and how it helps doctors diagnose seizures.

Transcript: Epilepsy and the WADA TestPaul Ruggieri MD

Most epilepsy patients considering surgery undergo the Wada (WAH-dah) test. The "Wada test" is named after the Japanese physician who first performed it, Juan Wada, MD.

The Wada test is used to determine which side of the brain controls language function and how important each side of the brain is in regard to memory function.

In most people, language (speech) is controlled by one side of the brain, the left side.

The Wada test will tell the doctors which side controls language in your brain. Memory can be controlled by both sides of the brain. The Wada test tells doctors which side of your brain has better memory function.

The Wada test looks at language and memory function on each side of the brain, one side at a time.

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