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Autism & Related Disorders: Information Resources Online

Cleveland Clinic Children's Infographics

Compiled by the office of Vanessa Jensen, Psy.D., Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

General autism resources (research, information, treatment)

Tony Attwood’s site for parents and professionals

OASIS @ MAAP (Asperger's related information)

Research/science-based information

Autism Biomedical Information Network

National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR)

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

National Institutes of Health (autism information)

Separating Fact from Fiction (summary article regarding autism treatment)

Non-profit/advocacy organizations

Autism Society of America

Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT)

Autism Coalition

National Council Educating Autism (online book)

Advocacy (legal rights, funding information)

Ohio Legal Rights – Family Support Collaborative

Wright’s Law (special education law, advocacy)

Wright’s Law (basics on tests and measurement)

Ohio-specific information

Medicaid waiver programs for Ohio - OLRS

Autism links and resources in Ohio

Ohio autism scholarships

Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

Autism services in Ohio (PDF)

Family Village – Global Village of Disability Resources

Special schools/centers

Indiana Resource Center

Center for the Study of Autism (Salem, Oregon)

Bittersweet Farms

The Eden Institute/Family of Services (Princeton, NJ)

The Applied Behavior Center, Inc (Indianapolis, IN)

Yale Child Study Center

Related Organizations/Information (Learning, ADHD, Mental Illness, General Disabilities, etc.)

American Academy of Pediatrics

All Family Resources

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Learning Disability Association of America


National Center for Learning Disability

International Dyslexia Assn (Orton Dyslexia Society)

Listings are provided as informational resources only and are not intended as an endorsement or approval.

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