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Cancer Clinical Trials Results

A03120114-332 Phase III Trial fo Enzalutamide versus Enzalutamide, Abiraterone and Prednisone for castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer Beachwood, Fairview, Florida Weston, Hillcrest, Independence, Main Campus, Mansfield, North Coast Cancer, South Pointe, Strongsville, Wooster Phase 3Prostate
ASNA 1815 15-979 A Phase 1/2, open-label, uncontrolled, multiple dose escalation, cohort expansion and extension study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of ASN001 in subjects with metastatic progressive castrate resistant prostate cancer. Main Campus Phase 1, Phase 2Prostate
CALGB 90203FLA9033 A randomized phase III study of neo-adjuvant docetaxel and androgen deprivation prior to radical prostatectomy versus immediate radical prostatectomy in patients with high-risk, clinically localized prostate cancer. Florida WestonStage 1, Stage 1A, Stage 1B, Stage 2, Stage 2A, Stage 2B, Stage 3, Stage 3APhase 3Prostate
CASE 3815 15-387 The effectiveness of a proposed Prostate Cancer outreach program in a predominantly African American community that promotes informed decision-making for prostate cancer screening and utilizes community navigation Main Campus  Prostate
CASE 6Y14 15-465 Integrated 3D x-ray and ultrasound Guided Radiation Therapy of Soft Tissue Target Main Campus  Liver, Pancreas, Prostate
CASE 781313-661 The origins of resistance to hormonal therapy in advanced prostate cancer Main Campus  Prostate
INVO 1815 16-394 Phase I, Open-label Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Immunogenicity of INO-5150 alone or in combination with INO-9012 in Men with Biochemically relapsed (PSA) Prostate Cancer Main Campus Phase 1Prostate
JHU 1815 15-1068 A Randomized Phase II Study Comparing Bipolar Androgen Therapy vs. Enzalutamide in Asymptomatic Men with Castration Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer Main Campus Phase 2Prostate
NRG BR001 15-695 A Phase 1 Study of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for the Treatment of Multiple Metastases Main Campus Phase 1Breast, Lung, NSCLC (Non-small cell lung cancer), Prostate
OCOP 181414-1317 A Multinational, Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase III Efficacy and Safety Study of ODM-201 in Men with High-Risk Non- Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (ARAMIS) Main Campus Phase 3Prostate
RTOG 0924CC16-475 Androgen deprivation therapy and high dose radiotherapy with or without whole-pelvic radiotherapy in unfavorable intermediate or favorable high risk prostate cancer: a phase III randomized trial Fairview, Florida Weston, Hillcrest, Independence, Main Campus, Mansfield, North Coast Cancer, Strongsville, Wooster Phase 3Prostate

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