The advent of large national patient registries has enabled researchers to better understand the population-level characteristics of diseases and their associated treatments.  Large databases, such as the National Inpatient Sample and National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, are well suited to study topics such as risk factors for adverse patient outcomes following surgery or regional and demographic variations in resource utilization. Partnering with biostatisticians from Case Western Reserve University, the Center for Spine Health (CSH) research group has utilized large databases to study the characteristics of spine patients as well as global trends in the delivery of spine care.

Examples of previous study designs have included:

  • Identifying national treatment trends in spine surgery
  • Identifying risk factors associated with adverse outcomes in spine care
  • Assessing effects of health policy change on spine care

The Large Database Research Group is comprised of researchers at all levels of training from both surgical and medical spine physicians and fellows to residents, medical students, and undergraduate students interested in spine health. 

Contact person

Thomas Mroz MD



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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations

Center for Spine Health Faculty

Thomas Mroz, MD
Michael Steinmetz, MD
Edward Benzel, MD
Jason Savage, MD
Douglas Orr, MD

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Students

Joseph Tanenbaum, PhD
Caroline Vonck


Daniel Lubelski, MD
Jacob Miller, MD