Cleveland Clinic lead: Christine Moravec, PhD - IBM lead: Joel Chudow, PhD

As healthcare quickly moves towards new ways of processing data, rapid advances in computing technology are driving innovative ways of delivering patient care. The Discovery Accelerator will deliver educational sessions and curriculum to Cleveland Clinic caregivers, IBM employees, university and K-12 students. The goal is to create the next generation of healthcare workers who can apply new computational data analysis concepts and systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Our Projects

Quantum Enablement series

Cleveland Clinic lead: Dan Blankenberg, PhD - IBM lead: Borja Peropadre, PhD

Cleveland Clinic caregivers will be instructed on the fundamental aspects of quantum computing to educate them on using IBM quantum computers via the Quantum Information Science Kit framework (Qiskit). This will enable caregivers to perform state-of-the-art research on quantum computing applications within healthcare and biomedical spaces.

Artificial intelligence and data science educational program

Cleveland Clinic lead: Neil Mehta, MD and Christine Moravec, PhD - IBM lead: Joel Chudow, PhD

This four-week online course will prepare trainees for the application of data science and machine learning in healthcare. Topics covered include artificial intelligence in healthcare, data analytics and data science, introduction to Python and introduction to quantum computing.