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Cleveland Clinic Connected

Cleveland Clinic caregivers talking in a hospital
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What is Cleveland Clinic Connected?

Cleveland Clinic Connected is an affiliate program that gives hospitals and health organizations around the globe an opportunity to engage expertise within our world-renowned team and establish a key marketplace differentiator as part of the Cleveland Clinic Connected network.

Collaborate and consult with our world-renowned specialists. Integrate our expertise into yours. Leverage our history of excellence to distinguish yourself as a market leader.

Cleveland Clinic Connected is a robust program that provides members across the world with access to Cleveland Clinic’s wealth of knowledge and best practices to enhance patient care, safety, and outcomes at their local facility.

It does this by connecting you with our world-class experts and specialists for consultations and collaboration, providing you with unique education and training opportunities and offering marketing support that leverages Cleveland Clinic’s world-class reputation for excellence and leading-edge care.

Why Become a Cleveland Clinic Connected Member?

There are many benefits to becoming a Cleveland Clinic Connected member. They include:

  • Expertise: Cleveland Clinic is consistently ranked a top hospital by U.S. News and World Report, the top hospital in the nation for heart care and a top hospital in the world by Newsweek magazine. As a member, you’ll have access to our leading clinical and operational experts and can consult on topics such as safety, quality, patient experience, strategic planning, finance, and continuous improvement.
  • Global leader: Cleveland Clinic is a global leader in healthcare with facilities not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Abu Dhabi and London. Members can draw upon our expertise and history of excellence managing healthcare facilities and providing exceptional patient care worldwide.
  • Team approach: At Cleveland Clinic, we believe in a team approach to care, and that mindset extends to our Cleveland Clinic Connected members. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your clinical capabilities by collaborating and consulting with our specialists across many disciplines to enhance patient care at your local facility.
  • Education and training: Your clinical and operational colleagues can take advantage of many opportunities for professional growth. We offer a variety of both clinical and executive education and training programs.
  • Co-branding and marketing: Cleveland Clinic is one of the most trusted healthcare systems in the world. Members have access to marketing support and co-branding materials that will help you leverage our reputation for excellence and leading-edge care.

Get Access to Our Comprehensive Offerings

Provider-to-provider consultations

Collaborate with our specialists with e-Clinical Reviews. These reviews enable member physicians to discuss complex patient care issues and treatment options with a trusted Cleveland Clinic colleague. This collaboration will help ensure patients continue to receive care from their trusted local physician with input from a Cleveland Clinic specialist with no additional cost to the patient.

Operational advisory services

Connect with Cleveland Clinic experts on a wide range of operational topics and best practices, including:

  • Patient Safety.
  • Quality and patient experience.
  • Facilities and equipment.
  • Clinical program development and improvements.
  • Strategic planning and growth.
  • Operations.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Recruitment.
  • Professional and leadership development.
  • Marketing and communications.

Education and training

Member physicians will have access to Cleveland Clinic’s clinical education and professional development programs, including Samson Global Leadership Academy, Emerging Leader Fellowships and the Executive Visitor’s Program. Additionally, other education and professional development opportunities are available for administrative and operations colleagues. Get details on program specifics.

Co-branding and marketing support

Align your facility with one of the most trusted healthcare systems in the world. Cleveland Clinic consistently ranks as a top hospital in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report, the top hospital in the nation for heart care and a top hospital in the world by Newsweek magazine. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made Cleveland Clinic renowned for our clinical and research expertise. Brand awareness of Cleveland Clinic is high and continuing to grow as we expand our presence globally.

We will work with members to develop marketing strategies that establish your commitment to providing excellent and leading-edge care through collaboration with a global leader in healthcare and access to the Cleveland Clinic Connected brand.

Frequently Asked Questions Icon

Frequently Asked Questions

How will patients at member facilities benefit from Cleveland Clinic Connected?

Patients will have peace of mind knowing that their care is at the intersection of their trusted local provider and the medical expertise from one of the most trusted healthcare systems in the world.

Will Cleveland Clinic own or manage member facilities?

No. Members maintain complete ownership and management of their local facilities. Cleveland Clinic Connected is simply an opportunity to collaborate and consult with Cleveland Clinic experts, share knowledge and expertise and participate in educational opportunities — improving patient experience and outcomes worldwide.

Will Cleveland Clinic provide care at member facilities?

No. All care at member facilities will be provided by the local care teams. Members can access Cleveland Clinic specialists through the eClinical Review process to discuss complex cases and treatment options.

Can member providers refer patients to Cleveland Clinic?

It depends. Patient safety (defined as risk of mortality and/or morbidity) and patient preference will drive where care happens.

How can a hospital become a Cleveland Clinic Connected member?

If you’re interested in learning more about Cleveland Clinic Connected and how we can work together, please email [email protected].

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