Design Guidelines

These guidelines represent the foundation of the Cleveland Clinic brand identity system.

They are intended to provide you with the basic tools—and rules—to begin using the identity properly. It’s important that you bear in mind the fundamental thinking behind our identity.

Design Guidelines

Choosing a Logo

The way our brand is to be thought of, seen, felt and experienced.

Using Our Logos

Correct use of the Cleveland Clinic icon and name.


The primary, secondary and supporting color palettes of Cleveland Clinic.


The primary and secondary font choices of Cleveland Clinic.


Visual imagery—specifically photography—that effectively conveys and supports the Cleveland Clinic brand promise.


The use of visual images and symbols to represent things, concepts or ideas.

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements, charts and maps.

Page Layouts

Layout specifications and examples of many common Cleveland Clinic brand communications.

File Formats

Details and usage of various file formats.

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