File Formats

EPS (Vector)

Also known as vector format, the EPS format is for applications that require high-resolution artwork for reproduction, for example, anything that is press-printed or for larger-scale projects such as banners or signage. EPS files can be proportionally scaled (enlarged or reduced) without degradation in quality. EPS files can be imported into or opened by page layout and illustration software such as Quark Xpress, Illustrator or PhotoShop. Many basic PC users will not be able to open these files for viewing.


A PDF file captures document text, fonts, images, and even formatting of documents from a variety of applications. You can email a PDF document and it will look the same way on each screen, Mac or PC. Since PDFs contain color-accurate information, they should also print the same way they look on your screen.

To view a PDF file, you need Adobe Reader.


JPEGs have been created for use in web and Microsoft applications. JPEG format is best for compressing photographic images. JPEGs should never be proportionally enlarged beyond the size supplied as the quality will degrade quickly.

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