Stress Free Now was designed in partnership with doctors and nurses here at the Cleveland Clinic, to support healers and caregivers in lowering stress and helping you to become truly present, for our patients, as well as for those in our personal life.

Practicing relaxation quiets the mind and activates those parts of the nervous system associated with a relaxed and peaceful state. The key to change—to reducing the stress in your life—is committing to and doing the relaxation practices. Try to do a relaxation practice at least four times each week.

What else Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations can do for you:

  • Help you to feel more in control of your stressful emotions
  • Allow you to enjoy the present — and worry less about the future
  • Enable you to feel better about yourself and your life
  • Reduce your risk of developing stress-related diseases

Try Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations now and start experiencing the world with more joy — and less stress!

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