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Neuro Integrated Care Unit

Lakewood Hospital is one of the few community hospitals in the nation to operate a Neuro Integrated Care Unit for patients who suffer from stroke, cerebral aneurysm, brain injury, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

A Caring Environment

The care provided in the Lakewood Hospital's Neuro Integrated Care Unit is different from conventional treatment at other hospitals because our unit integrates all levels of care for neurological patients regardless of their medical condition.

When the Neuro Integrated Care Unit staff treats critically ill patients, they continue to treat them in the same room, with the same nurses up to the time the patient is ready to go home or transfer to our Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit, or another facility that specializes in rehabilitation care. This type of integrated care provides patients with optimal consistency and uniformity of medical treatment and recovery.

Improvements, Upgrades and Benefits

  • The Unit promotes a comfortable, healing environment for patients
  • Integrated monitoring technology allows continuous monitoring of a patient’s sedation levels
  • The Unit is designed to support continuous EEG and video monitoring
  • The rooms are fitted with a custom designed lift that will enable the nurse to maneuver the patient along a rail system and safely move a patient from the bed
  • Each room utilizes a nurse call system with a nurse locator technology

When Questions Arise, Just Ask

  • Nurses and staff members are willing and happy to answer questions and listen to concerns.
  • The patient’s nurse manages all of the care and is able to refer to other members of the healthcare team when necessary.
  • The physician is updated daily and will be happy to explain anything regarding medical condition.
  • The more patients and family members understand about various procedures and equipment, the greater the comfort level is for everyone.

Patient Guidelines

Because the comfort and safety of the patient is our number one concern, we ask that all visitors follow some basic guidelines:

  • Flowers and plants are not permitted in the Neuro Integrated Care Unit. This aids in preventing possible allergic reaction.
  • A limited number of personal items should be kept in the patient’s room. These can include slippers, robe, dentures and glasses. If there is something else that is needed, please talk with the patient’s nurse.
  • Visitors must check with the patient’s nurse before bringing food, beverages or candy for the patients. This is extremely important as the diet of each patient is carefully monitored.
  • Lakewood Hospital is a non-smoking facility. Visitors must leave the hospital grounds to smoke.