The Chronic Care Clinic at Lutheran Hospital is staffed by experienced nurses. To schedule an appointment, please call 216.363.5757.

Heart Failure

The incidence of heart failure is on the rise and expected to do so over the next several decades. Our cardiac nurses provide the following services to help minimize hospitalization and assist with maintaining the highest quality of life possible:

  • Collaboration with referring physicians regarding patient progress, status and care need
  • Ongoing care coordination and family centered heart failure education and support
  • Medication and self-care compliance monitoring
  • Physical assessment to evaluate fluid status
  • Symptom management
  • Heart monitoring
  • IV medication administration when necessary
  • Follow-up assessments after medication changes, procedures or changes in condition

Anticoagulation Support

Heart valve surgery, blood clot and heart rhythm problems require medication to thin the blood. Our specially trained nurses offer safe, efficient management of these medications in collaboration with your physician. We provide:

  • Finger stick PT/INR blood monitoring for patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy
  • Education of dietary, lifestyle and over-the-counter medication effects of anticoagulation therapy
  • Feedback to referring physicians for efficient communication

Outpatient Anemia Clinic

Health problems such as chronic anemia, pre-surgical anemia, iron deficiency anemia and acute blood loss anemia require treatment and care. Our nurses will provide an assessment of symptoms, patient education, administration of IV iron and erythropoietic stimulation factors.