The department of Food and Nutrition Services provides nourishing and appetizing meals daily to Lodi Hospital patients from our "At your Service" room service dining menu. The department also provides meal service for employees.

If you wish to schedule an event, please call 330.948.5511.

Food and Nutrition Services is efficiently run by a Certified Dietary Manager/Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM/CFPP), a specialist who has passed national board exams and maintains credentials through continuing education courses. The CDM/CFFP works together with the registered dietitian to provide quality, nutritional care for patients and clients.

We provide the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). Inpatient MNT is individualized to meet each patient's unique needs while providing healthy, appealing meals. Outpatient counseling provides custom designed nutrition education that promotes healthy choices within each client's food preferences and lifestyle.

How can a registered dietitian help me?

Our dietitian provides friendly, practical nutrition counseling that targets a variety of health and wellness issues. She customizes her recommendations to fit your medical needs, lifestyle, food preferences and readiness to change. If you wish to meet with the dietitian, ask your physician to write a referral or prescription for you to receive Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Charges for outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy are based on the length of time spent with the dietitian. Insurance coverage variesÍž if you are unsure of your coverage, contact your carrier to inquire about coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy.