Shadowing Experiences

Shadowing Experiences

About the Program

The Center for Youth and College Education’s Shadowing Program is designed for high school students, college students and adult learners who are interested in shadowing a healthcare professional for a defined time. Our Shadowing Program allows learners to gain visual and verbal experiences to make an informed decision and gain an understanding about their career of interest. Please know that shadowing experiences are observational and do not include hands-on work with Cleveland Clinic patients or data and that students are not conducting any type of research for class.

College students and adult learners can engage in up to one week, or 40 hours, of shadowing per calendar year, and high school students (age 16 and over) can engage in up to 20 hours of shadowing per calendar year. Students are able to shadow three areas within that time.

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High School Senior Project

High School Senior Project

The Center for Youth and College Education welcomes high school students to perform their for-credit senior projects in all fields, with the exception of nursing, pharmacy and pediatrics.

The Cleveland Clinic caregiver the student will need to gather the documentation listed below from the student for the student to be considered for acceptance into the program:

  • Documentation from the school detailing the project.
  • Contact information for the school's academic program director.
    • All documentation is subject to review by the Cleveland Clinic Law Department for final acceptance.

Senior project requests need to be submitted to CYCE by the caregiver hosting the student no later than 45 days prior the project start date due to processing time and onboarding. The student will not be able to begin their project until the process is completed in its entirety.

For more information visit: High School Senior Project

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