What to Expect When You Call Global Patient Services for an Appointment

You will speak with a Patient Services Coordinator who will guide you through the appointment process. Be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Your medical history. If you have a copy of your medical records in English, we will let you know how to send them to us.
  • Your health insurance information. You will need to provide a copy of your insurance card. If you do not have health insurance, we can discuss your preferred method of payment.

Members of your family who are interested in scheduling appointments. We will make all the necessary appointments for you and your family.

During Your Visit

Upon arriving at Cleveland Clinic, you can expect the following services from the Global Patient Services team:

  1. Introduce you to your Global Patient Services coordinator who will assist with registering and navigating you through Cleveland Clinic.
  2. Provide language assistance and introduce you to your interpreter, if needed.
  3. Confirm your financial arrangements.
  4. Connect your family with any religious or spiritual needs.
  5. Assist with scheduling of sightseeing or leisure activities.
  6. Answer any questions you may have.

Travel information

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

Cleveland Clinic is located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are 16 miles away from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport.

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Cleveland Clinic Florida is located in Weston, Florida. We are approximately 25 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and 30 miles north of Miami, Florida.