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Catalyst grants support projects that put patients first.

Fund a New Idea

Help Caregivers Bring Inspiring New Ideas to Life

A program that records and plays parents’ voices for newborns in the NICU. An exoskeleton that helps people with multiple sclerosis stand and walk. A treatment that could make it safe for children with peanut allergies to enjoy PB&J sandwiches. These are just a few of the inspiring ideas-turned-realities made possible by donors to our Catalyst Grants program.

At Cleveland Clinic, our employees, called caregivers, share a spirit of compassion and innovation. They’re always searching for newer, better ways to improve lives. In 2018, we created the Catalyst Grants to support their brilliant ideas.

Since then, we’ve received more than 1,000 applications from caregivers who envision a brighter future. Our ability to fund their ideas is limited only by the philanthropic support we receive from generous donors. With your help, we can harness the power of philanthropy for caregivers, patients and communities throughout the country.

What Makes Catalyst Grants Special?

What Makes Catalyst Grants Special?

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Donors like you provide 100% of the support for Catalyst Grants. Every dollar of every contribution has an immediate impact by funding projects that help our caregivers develop medical breakthroughs, enhance patient services and build community wellness programs.

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Grants reflect Cleveland Clinic’s spirit of diversity and inclusivity. We support all types of programs and our caregivers throughout the U.S. Caregivers may be surgeons, social workers, nurses, administrators or any employee with a great idea.

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Grant-supported initiatives have the potential to become permanent programs. Many projects eventually receive funding from their department’s operating budget, foundations or National Institutes of Health (NIH). Even small donations have the power to propel long-term change in healthcare.

Every Innovation Begins With an Idea

By the Numbers

A few of our highlights since Catalyst Grants launched in 2018 include:

  • $14M+ awarded.
  • 300+ projects funded.
  • 1,650+ ideas submitted to date.

How Catalyst Grants Work

Twice a year, caregivers from across the Cleveland Clinic enterprise apply for a Catalyst Grant. The grants are funded up to $100,000.

Through a competitive process, these one-time grants are awarded to the project proposals that show the most promise for making an impact within one year. Caregivers must report on their progress and return any unused funds.

Looking to apply?

The Philanthropy Institute, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, and Lerner Research Institute offer a single application process for their granting programs.

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