2018-2019 Pharmacy Residents


James Blackmer, PharmD, MPA

  • Program: PGY2 Health-System Pharmacy Administration
  • Email: blackmj3@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Ventura, California
  • Undergrad: Texas Tech University
  • Pharmacy School: University of Kentucky
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: Continuing to develop my knowledge of clinical pharmacy, while gaining skills and experiences to become a future pharmacy leader. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: Obtain a management position in a healthy system practicing at the forefront of pharmacy.Striving to make an impact on the advancement of pharmacy practice at the local, state and national levels. 
  • About Me: I enjoy playing pick-up basketball, golfing and travels to visit friends and family. I am a sports fanatic, particularly when it come to my alma maters.


Brian Bohn, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Infectious Diseases
  • Email: bohnb@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Arnold, Missouri
  • Pharmacy School: St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: Grow my infectious diseases knowledge base, develop my precepting skills, and gain the necessary skills to 
    implement and maintain an effective antimicrobial stewardship program.
  • Post-Residency Goals: To obtain a clinical specialist position in infectious diseases and antimicrobial stewardship at an academic medical 
    center, obtain ID board certification, and be an involved preceptor of pharmacy learners. 
  • About Me: For fun I enjoy watching Blues hockey and Cardinals baseball, trying new restaurants and spending time with 
    family and friends.


Caitlyn Crawford, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: crawfoc3@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Covington, Ohio
  • Pharmacy School: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
  • Residency Goals: To broaden my clinical knowledge, develop and strengthen my critical thinking skills and refine the necessary skills to become an effective leader and preceptor. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: I hope to pursue a career as a clinical specialist in an academic medical center where I can provide direct patient care, contribute to research and pharmacy education. 
  • About Me: For fun I like to watch college football, try new restaurants, drink unreasonable amounts of coffee and spend time with my friends and family.


Amber Daley, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital
  • Email: daleya3@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Parma, Ohio 
  • Undergrad: University of Toledo
  • Pharmacy School: University of Toledo
  • Residency Goals:  To further develop my clinical knowledge and skills, leadership abilities, and research capabilities to become a well-rounded pharmacist and deliver excellent patient care.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Complete PGY2 training in a specialized pediatric practice area and/or obtain a clinical pharmacist role within a children’s hospital.
  • About Me: I enjoy watching and following all Cleveland sports as well as spending time with family and friends. 


Josh Eudy, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: eudyj@ccf.org   
  • Hometown: Hartsville, South Carolina
  • Undergrad: Coastal Carolina University
  • Pharmacy School: South Carolina College of Pharmacy
  • Residency Goals: Continue to develop my knowledge and skills as a pharmacist while actively participating in research. It is also my intention to broaden my experience in different areas of clinical specialty in order to become a more well-rounded pharmacist. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: Practice as a clinical specialist, researcher, and preceptor at an academic medical center.
  • About Me: I enjoy carpentry, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends. 


Ashley Fan, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Pharmacotherapy
  • Email: fana@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Undergrad: Goucher College
  • Pharmacy School: University of Maryland - Baltimore
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: To gain experience and clinical skills in a variety of practice settings, to form connections with many pharmacists within the Cleveland Clinic network, and to gain leadership and precepting skills.
  • Post-Residency Goals: To obtain a clinical position at a medical center where I can provide care for complex patients alongside a multi-disciplinary care team, continue to conduct and contribute to research projects, and mentor future pharmacists. 
  • About Me: I love being outdoors, the beach, and Peloton! 


Eric J. N. Fela , PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Oncology
  • Email: felae2@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Copley, Ohio
  • Undergrad: The Ohio State University
  • Pharmacy School: Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: To improve my clinical knowledge and skills and advance my leadership and research skills in order to become a well-rounded oncology pharmacy specialist.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Obtain an oncology pharmacy specialist position that affords me the opportunity to further develop my career, precept future pharmacists, conduct research, and impact patient care to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • About Me: I’m an avid Cleveland sports fan and enjoy going to Cavs, Indians, and Browns games. I enjoy traveling, watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and visiting Disney World with my fiancé.


Mary Grace Fitzmaurice, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacotherapy
  • Email: fitzmam@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania 
  • Education: University of Pittsburgh
  • Residency Goals: To enhance my clinical and leadership skills and develop myself as a preceptor and educator. With these skills, I hope to provide optimal care to each patient I encounter.
  • Post-Residency Goals: To become a clinical pharmacist within a transplant program at a large, academic medical center. I hope to eventually have both inpatient and outpatient responsibilities, as well as precepting and teaching future pharmacists throughout their journey as students.
  • About Me: I am a die hard Cleveland Indians fan and can’t wait for them to soon end baseball’s longest World Series drought! I also love to ski, swim, and spend time with friends.


Cassandra Hacker, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: hackerc@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Huntington, Indiana
  • Undergrad: Ohio Northern University
  • Pharmacy School: Ohio Northern University
  • Residency Goals: Develop into a well-rounded pharmacist, prepared to enter a PGY-2 specialty with the intent of becoming board certified in my specialty. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: To complete a PGY-2 in critical care and practice in my specialty at an academic medical center, obtain board certification and precept students and residents regularly.
  • About Me: Outside of pharmacy, I love to cook, lift, practice yoga, catch up on my favorite TV shows, and spend time with family. Fun facts about me are that I started competitively swimming at age 5 and continued through college. I am also the first member of my family to go into the medical field. 


Sylvie F. Hall, PharmD, MPH

  • Program: PGY2 Cardiology
  • Email: halls4@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Mount Vernon, Iowa
  • Undergrad: Luther College (BA Biology & Anthropology)
  • Pharmacy School: University of Iowa (PharmD & MPH)
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: This year I hope to focus on studying the historical and current cardiovascular literature that has shaped guideline directed therapy in order to gain an understanding of where the field has been and where it is heading.  Laying this foundation will allow me to develop the clinical knowledge and skills necessary to provide optimal patient care and work as an important member of the health care team.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Work as a cardiology clinical specialist in an academic medical center where I can provide direct patient care, contribute to research, and play a role in formulary management.
  • About Me: For fun I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, doing jigsaw puzzles, and relaxing with my two beagles & three cats.


Thomas Johnston, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Oncology
  • Email: johnstt3@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest
  • Residency Goals: To gain knowledge in the area of hematology/oncology and contribute to the pharmacy literature through research.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Attain a position as a clinical specialist at an academic medical center with responsibilities in teaching and research.
  • About Me: My hobbies include running, biking, swimming and soccer. I have hiked 80 miles across the Scottish Highlands in four days. 


Jordan D. Long, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Health-System Pharmacy Administration
  • Email: longj3@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio
  • Undergrad: Cedarville University
  • Pharmacy School: Cedarville University School of Pharmacy
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: Develop an inherent critical thinking mindset, grow as a professional, and refine my skills in innovation, business and leadership in order to become a future healthcare leader.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Assume a pharmacy operations manager position and actively be involved in precepting and teaching students.
  • About Me: I thoroughly enjoy reading new books, taking a day off to go golfing, and traveling.


Hanjie Mo, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Oncology
  • Email: moh@ccf.org 
  • Hometown:  Naperville, Illinois
  • Undergrad: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Pharmacy School: University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Residency Goals: To enhance my clinical skills to deliver optimized and patient-oriented care, refine the necessary 
    skills to become an effective leader and preceptor, and strengthen my ability to critically analyze literature and 
    conduct meaningful research.
  • Post-Residency Goals: To become a hematology/oncology clinical pharmacist at an academic medical center 
    with opportunities to practice in inpatient and outpatient settings, precept learners, and conduct research.
  • About Me: I enjoy playing and watching sports, indoor rock climbing, spending time with family/friends, and trying different cuisines! 


Derek Montgomery, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Health-System Pharmacy Administration
  • Email: montgod@ccf.org 
  • Hometown: Northville, Michigan
  • Undergrad: Michigan State University
  • Pharmacy School: Wayne State University
  • Residency Goals: To develop skills to be an effective leader of pharmacy while creating a strong foundation of clinical knowledge. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: To continue to help expand scope of the practice of pharmacy in a position of pharmacy management. 
  • About Me: My family and I own an expansive board game collection, having over 100 unique board games. 


Kristen Neuhaus, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: neuhauk@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio
  • Education: The University of Toledo
  • Pharmacy School: Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Residency Goals: To further develop my clinical pharmacy knowledge, develop skills as a practitioner, and gain valuable patient care experiences. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: Pursue specialty training in either ambulatory care or solid organ transplant, obtain a position as a clinical specialist at an academic medical center, and also have the opportunity to perform research and precept student pharmacists and residents.
  • About Me: My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, doing yoga, running, exploring new places in Cleveland- museums, restaurants, Metro Parks and traveling.


Bob Pang, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics
  • Email: pangb@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Sunnyvale, California
  • Undergrad: University of California Berkeley
  • Pharmacy School: University of Maryland Baltimore
  • PGY1: Ascension Wisconsin - St. Joseph Campus
  • Residency Goals: Gain experience with pharmacy and clinical informatics through experience learning at one of the most innovative hospitals in the nation. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: Obtain a position at a medical center willing to push the boundaries of clinical pharmacy by utilizing technology.
  • About Me: For fun I enjoy reading science fiction, traveling, and playing board games. Also, in my short time here, I hope to explore Cleveland and Ohio. 


Chandni Patel, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: patelc3@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Education: Wayne State University
  • Pharmacy School: Wayne State University
  • Residency Goals: To develop my clinical knowledge in various practice areas and continue developing skills needed to provide the best care for my patients.  To strengthen my leadership and presentation skills.
  • Post-Residency Goals: To pursue a PGY2 residency in Critical Care, Infectious Diseases, or Internal Medicine and eventually practice as a clinical specialist in a large academic institution.
  • About Me: Fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister (no, she’s not identical)!   In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends.  I also enjoy drawing, exploring new places, trying new coffee drinks, and watching football (Go Blue!).


Nicholas Quinn, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Critical Care
  • Email: quinnn2@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Saratoga, New York
  • Undergrad: Northeastern Univeristy
  • Pharmacy School: Northeastern University
  • PGY1: Carolinas Medical Center
  • Residency Goals: To become a well-rounded critical care specialist and be a competitive candidate for any job openings. Publish my research on the use of valproic acid for agitation/delirium in the ICU. Obtain a job as an intensive care clinical specialist at an academic medical center.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Become a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist as well as board certified critical care pharmacist. Serve as a preceptor to both pharmacy students and residents. Continue to contribute to pharmacy practice through research and involvement in professional organizations
  • About Me: I am a huge sports fan and currently hold the title of back to back fantasy football/baseball champion. I worked at a pharmacy in Malta (small European island) for four months. I broke my nose so badly while playing lacrosse I eventually required plastic surgery. In my free time I enjoy going to sporting events, breweries, and traveling to new places.


Ana Simonyan, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Community
  • Email: simonya@ccf.org
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Pharmacy School: St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Residency Goals: To learn from all of the incredible pharmacists and leaders at this institution, gain a deep knowledge and understanding for all aspects of outpatient community pharmacy, and further develop myself as a practitioner in the outpatient setting.
  • Post-Residency Goals: I would ultimately like to practice in an integrated practice model where I am serving patients with specialty disease states in the outpatient pharmacy, caring for them in the ambulatory care setting, advocating for the pharmacy profession through extensive involvement in professional organizations, and teaching the next generation of pharmacists at a college of pharmacy.
  • About Me: I am a certified dance fitness instructor who loves all things food and travel related.


Keti Sulaj, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Ambulatory Care
  • Email: sulajk2@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Rocky River, Ohio
  • Undergrad: John Carroll University
  • Pharmacy School: The Ohio State University
  • PGY1: Cleveland Clinic Marymount
  • Residency Goals: Learning the skills to become an independent practitioner in the ambulatory care setting to provide the best care for patients by building on my clinical knowledge base and precepting skills. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: To obtain a clinical pharmacist position in a primary care setting that allows me to precept pharmacy students and residents, as well as obtain board certification in ambulatory care.  
  • About Me: For fun I enjoy spending time with family and friends, trying out new recipes and exploring metro parks around Cleveland.


Leticia Vargas, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Health-System Pharmacy Administration  
  • Email: vargasl3@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida
  • Undergrad: Florida Atlantic University
  • Pharmacy School: University of Florida
  • Residency Goals: Build upon my clinical knowledge, while gaining practical business experience and developing my skills in management. 
  • Post-Residency Goals: Assume a management position in a healthy system practice that values innovation and is a leader in pharmacy practice while also precepting and teaching students. I also would like to continue to participate in the advancement of pharmacy practice by being an involved pharmacist not only in the state level, but also the national level. 
  • About Me: When I am not busy with pharmacy work I love to travel to new places and taste the local cuisine. I enjoy baking and decorating deserts and find it relaxing.   


Ramara Walker, PharmD

  • Program: PGY1 Pharmacy
  • Email: walkerr10@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Undergrad:The Ohio State University
  • Pharmacy School: The Ohio State University
  • Residency Goals: My goals for this residency year include the following: develop critical thinking skills that can transpose across various practice settings, develop strong research skills, and further broaden my clinical knowledge.
  • Post-Residency Goals: My post residency goal is to complete a PGY2 Infectious Diseases residency and become a clinical specialist at a large academic medical center. 
  • About Me: In my spare time, I enjoy reading, journaling, and spending time with my loved ones. I also love walking along the trails in the Cleveland Metroparks.


Catherine Zhang, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Ambulatory Care
  • Email: zhangc2@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Undergrad: Purdue University
  • Pharmacy School: Purdue University
  • PGY1: Swedish Medical Center
  • Residency Goals: Continue to develop my clinical knowledge and patient-care skills as an ambulatory care specialist to provide evidence-based treatment for patients with chronic disease states; further cultivate my leadership and practice management skills.
  • Post-Residency Goals: Practice as a primary care-focused ambulatory care specialist in a setting with both precepting and research opportunities.
  • About Me:  I consider myself to be quite adventurous in trying new foods and exploring new places. I am also fond of outdoors activities such as hiking, bouldering, and kayaking. Otherwise, I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading, and spending time  with my family and friends in my free time.


Albert Zichichi, PharmD

  • Program: PGY2 Critical Care
  • Email: zichica@ccf.org
  • Hometown: Killingworth, Connecticut
  • Undergrad: University of Connecticut
  • Pharmacy School: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
  • PGY1: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Residency Goals: Develop my clinical skills relating to critical care. Master pubic speaking and presentation skills. .
  • Post-Residency Goals: Obtain a clinical specialist position in an ICU in an academic medical center, become BCCCP certified, and continue to pass on the knowledge that I have gained throughout my training to future pharmacy learners.
  • About Me: Hobbies: golfing, cars and motorcycles, reading, exercising, spending time outdoors, and spending quality time with friends and family.