Services Accelerating Clinical Research

Scientific Core Services

Lerner Research Institute’s Scientific Core Services facilitate and advance Cleveland Clinic research by providing low-cost technologies that support basic, translational and clinical research. In 2020, the Scientific Core Services provided more than $11.1 million worth of services to internal researchers and $530 thousand worth of services to external researchers.

Some highlights from 2020 include:

  • The Lerner BioRepository Core quickly responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by creating a biosafety level 2 enhanced facility to collect and process more than 8,000 research specimens from 145 different patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
  • The Engineering Design Core and Polymer Core supported the initial design and fabrication of several COVID-19-related mask and ventilator technologies.
  • The Electronics Core developed a new heart assist pump called the Left Atrial Assist Device, emergency ventilator for COVID-19, four-axis robot that can coat catheter balloons with high precision and speed and a remote stimulation and control and monitoring system for deep brain stimulation.
  • The Engineering Design Core designed and built 85 anatomy models and performed 343 3D print jobs. Of the 85 anatomy models, 49 were used clinically and 36 were used in research. Of the 343 3D printed models, 45 percent were used by Lerner Research Institute, 41 percent were used by clinical institutes and 14 percent were ordered and used by external researchers.
  • The Center for Therapeutics Discovery submitted four invention disclosures for compounds related to ongoing discovery programs in prostate cancer, glioblastoma and COVID-19.
  • The Genomics Core increased the volume of sequencing data for researchers by more than 30-fold.
  • The Proteomics Core analyzed more than 3,600 samples, helping to support 299 experiments for 86 different research labs.
  • The Metabolomics Core analyzed more than 3,000 samples, helping to support 84 experiments for 21 different research labs.

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