Institute Summary

Lerner Research Institute is home to basic, translational and clinical research at Cleveland Clinic. In 2019, Cleveland Clinic received $307 million in total research funding, with Lerner Research Institute scientists receiving about half of all externally-sourced research dollars awarded to Cleveland Clinic. Lerner researchers authored roughly 1,260 publications in scientific journals in 2019, with the average citation impact exceeding by 30% the worldwide average of papers authored in the same year and related to the same subject areas. The research conducted at Lerner continues to spur innovation and the local economy, as 92 patents were filed and four spin-off companies formed in 2019 as a result of cutting-edge science happening within Lerner’s laboratories. Lerner Research Institute offers a wealth of services to support both Cleveland Clinic and external researchers, including those from local universities and hospital systems. In 2019, Lerner’s 29 Shared Laboratory Resources provided roughly $11.5 million worth of services to support research and clinical care.