About Cleveland Clinic Connected

About Cleveland Clinic Connected

The program provides a structured platform to connect with Cleveland Clinic enterprise experts in a collaborative manner. The program helps Cleveland Clinic serve more lives through virtual health and also enhances local care delivery for thousands of lives seeking trusted care at member institutions. Cleveland Clinic Connected has an emphasis on supporting quality, safety and experience initiatives.

A typical Cleveland Clinic Connected relationship comes with a bundled set of offerings. Member physicians are able to connect with Cleveland Clinic clinical expertise for physician-to-physicians consultations. Member institutions have access to Cleveland Clinic know-how in the form of expert advisory services, education and training. Knowledge transfer through advisory services, education and training is tailored to the priorities and needs of member institutions. Lastly, public acknowledgement of the Cleveland Clinic Connected relationship is provided through member use of the Cleveland Clinic Connected brand, per program brand guidelines.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Advisory Services Menu

Cleveland Clinic will provide advisory services to the facility when requested and appropriate during the planning stages. Key advisory services may include, but not limited to:

  • Safety, quality and patient experience improvements
  • Continuous improvement
  • Patient experience training and skills development
  • Facilities and equipment (including Joint Commission or Joint Commission International accreditation)
  • Clinical program development and improvements
  • Strategic planning and operational implementation
  • Operating models and improvements
  • Revision of clinical space requirements
  • Advice on patient-centered facility design
  • Financial model development and projections
  • Recruitment (Institute/Department Chair) and global recruitment
  • C-suite and leadership development
  • Branding and marketing
  • Other (identified in advance)

Education and Training

Cleveland Clinic will provide access to clinical and executive education opportunities for the Client’s C-suite and staff.

Clinical Education

Cleveland Clinic will provide the following clinical education opportunities based on an agreed-upon schedule and number of attendees:

  • International Physician Observer Program
    • Observe procedures and surgeries.
    • Attend patient rounds and teaching conferences.
  • Global Clinical Observer
    • Shadowing experience for international medical graduates.
    • Rotations through four internal medicine specialties.
  • International Preceptorship
    • Customized to specific clinical and administrative interests.
    • One-on-one clinical and surgical observations.
    • Examine best practices and operational strengths.

Executive Education

Cleveland Clinic will support attendees to participate in each of the executive education programs outlined below:

  • Samson Global Leadership Academy
    • Discussing lessons, strategies and management techniques based on Cleveland Clinic's successful business model.
    • Developing a relationship with an approved Cleveland Clinic executive coach.
    • Participating in small group electives and roundtable sessions.
    • Networking with executives from Cleveland Clinic and from around the world.
    • Formulating a three-year leadership development plan.
  • International Emerging Leaders Fellowship
    • Leadership competency workshops include six competency-based development modules.
    • Project management training and coaching seminars to provide “hands-on” experience managing a project.
    • Assessments, templates and tools are presented in sequence with the fellow’s capstone research project.
    • Workshops focused on specific functional area within healthcare.
    • Customized deep-dive experience for high-potential leaders.
  • Executive Visitor’s Program
    • Insight into system integration based on Cleveland Clinic’s successful business model.
    • Networking opportunities with executives from Cleveland Clinic and from around the world.
    • Behind-the-doors view of Cleveland Clinic’s organization and culture.
    • Campus tours and a social event that encourages one-on-one discussion. Come hear from Cleveland Clinic’s leadership, ask questions and explore solutions for your own organization.

Branding and Marketing

Cleveland Clinic has been ranked as one of the top five hospitals in the United States for many years. The commitment to quality and leadership in innovation has made Cleveland Clinic renowned for its clinical and research expertise. Brand awareness of Cleveland Clinic is high and continues to grow as the enterprise expands its presence globally.

Cleveland Clinic will help to:

  • Establish co-branding strategy and Cleveland Clinic brand guidelines.
  • Provide support in the development of joint marketing materials when appropriate.
  • Participate in sharing of best practices for marketing and public relations strategies on an on-going basis.
  • Leverage Cleveland Clinic reputation and long history of excellence in clinical care in attracting the best talent.

Physician-to-Physician Consults

CC’s E-Clinical Review process allows for Cleveland Clinic Connected member providers to receive education on their patient’s treatment plan from a Cleveland Clinic provider. A Cleveland Clinic Connected member provider can initiate the request for an e-clinical review and upload materials relevant to the patient case in the DrConnect tool portal. That request will then be triaged to an appropriate CC provider to provide written and confidential feedback The E-Clinical Review is not a second medical opinion, but rather an opportunity for the external provider to receive commentary and confirmation education on their care plan from a trusted Cleveland Clinic colleague.

Learn More

Learn More

To learn more about Cleveland Clinic Connected, email [email protected].