Dr. Newman is a recipient of the Jerger Career Award for Research in Audiology by the American Academy of Audiology. This award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the audiology literature. Both Drs. Newman and Sandridge are recipients of the Research Award given by the Ohio Academy of Audiology. The latter award is received by individuals who have made significant contributions to audiology research and for mentoring other colleagues and students in conducting research.

Following is a brief summary highlighting some of the research completed or currently underway in the Audiology Research Laboratory.

  • Longitudinal benefits from and satisfaction with the BAHA hearing system for patients with acquired unilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Relationship between expectations and satisfaction for Baha implant system in patients with single-sided deafness. 
  • Development of cochlear implant test materials: Application of reverberation treatments simulating everyday listening environments.
  • The Tinnitus Functional Index: A new clinical measure for chronic, bothersome tinnitus.
  • The reliability and validity of a screening tool to identify otologic functional impairments in the elderly (SOFIE).
  • Self-efficacy and hearing aid satisfaction: Age and gender effects.
  • Spoken language outcomes in children with cochlear implants.
  • Multi-center Neuromonics study evaluating long-term benefits for patients with tinnitus.
  • Pediatric cochlear implant listening and spoken language outcomes.
  • Benefits associated with pediatric bilateral cochlear implants.
  • Reduced hearing handicap following cochlear implantation in adult.
Laryngology & Tracheal Reconstruction Otology


The Otology Section also was recognized for excellence in clinical and basic science research in adult sensorineural hearing loss (SHL). Dr. Hughes is Cleveland Clinic's principal investigator in a NIH-funded, five-year, multicenter study of intratympanic steroid treatment for sudden SHL. In autoimmune SHL, he is co-investigator in an NIH grant submitted March 1 by Vincent Tuohy PhD of the Lerner Research Institute.

Research Fellow Hyun-Min Park MD from Seoul, Korea assists Dr. Tuohy in the laboratory this year. Dr. Tuohy’s and Dr. Hughes’ combined work exemplifies the type of translational research encouraged by Cleveland Clinic.

Vestibular & Balance Disorders

Vestibular & Balance Disorders

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