Tinnitus Management Clinic

Patients with bothersome tinnitus are seen at Cleveland Clinic’s Tinnitus Management Clinic (TMC) following medical clearance from an otolaryngologist. The TMC is a shared medical appointment that includes a group education session (GES) of 1.5 hours followed by a multidisciplinary team screening (MTS) of 1.5 hours. The team includes specialists in audiology, dentistry, neurology, and psychology.

Patients attending the TMC are asked to complete a follow-up survey. A total of 121 surveys have been received during the 2010-2017 time period.

Patient Survey Responses: Benefits of TMC (N = 121)

2010 - 2017

GES = group education session, MTS = multidisciplinary team screening, TMC = Tinnitus Management Clinic


  • A 1.5 hour presentation is provided by the TMC team (audiology, dentistry, neurology, and psychology).
  • Each GES is limited to 6 patients and significant others are encouraged to attend.
  • The presentation covers prevalence of tinnitus, anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, tinnitus mechanisms/potential generator sites, common reactions to tinnitus, and functional consequences. In addition, management strategies are discussed including relaxation therapy, mindfulness, sound therapy, and treatment for dental and temporomandibular disorders.


  • Patients are seen individually by each team member for a 15-minute session that involved a review of completed questionnaires, discipline-specific screening and management techniques.
  • Following the MTS, patients are discharged. The team meets to make specific recommendations based on the screening outcomes. These recommendations are sent to patients for their follow-up.
Patient Survey Response: Likelihood of Recommending TMC to Persons Who Have Bothersome Tinnitus (N = 97)

2010 - 2017

TMC = Tinnitus Management Clinic