About the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute

The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute prepares leaders to solve future healthcare delivery issues the world over. Whether in the classroom or online instruction, caregivers are supported with state-of-the-art experiential learning, simulations, assessments and research-driven content.

In addition to building on Cleveland Clinic’s learning culture, the Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Pathway is a training initiative housed within the Mandel Institute that supports top-performing Cleveland Clinic caregivers and cultivates them for future executive leadership roles throughout the organization.

For healthcare leaders from other organizations interested in innovative learning experiences available through Cleveland Clinic, The Mandel Institute welcomes inquiries through Global Executive Education.

Cleveland Clinic’s Learning Culture

The Mandel Institute supports Cleveland Clinic’s learning culture designed to assist caregivers in bringing key qualities to their daily work. As caregivers, they grow and develop throughout their careers. In doing so, they enrich the lives of patients, team members and themselves—the promise of lifelong learning:

  • Curiosity – Caregivers are forever curious to learn and grow
  • Ownership – Caregivers own their plans to grow and develop
  • Openness – Caregivers embrace change and the opportunity it brings
  • Collaboration – Caregivers openly share knowledge and collaborate as one

Learning Priorities are designed to inform, expose, and/or teach the vital few behaviors all caregivers need to exhibit to ensure Cleveland Clinic realizes its cultural ambitions, goals, and priorities.

By understanding and mastering these learning topics, caregivers are equipped for success.