The Cleveland Clinic Administrative Fellowship is a 12-month program designed to craft the future leaders of healthcare management. At Cleveland Clinic, fellows are supported by a structured framework that immerses them in diverse projects across critical healthcare areas, offering unparalleled hands-on experience and a robust support system.

Distinctive features setting us apart

Discover what makes our program unique—the close-knit cohort model fostering collaboration across locations, the personalized mentorship guiding individual growth, and a project-based approach which encompasses the expansive scope of Cleveland Clinic's work and offers unparalleled exposure to healthcare innovation.

Cohort model: strength in community

One of the biggest strengths of the program is the collaborative value of the cohort model. Each group consists of approximately 8 fellows, placed in both Florida and Ohio. This collaborative environment fosters a strong sense of community, enabling fellows to share insights, tackle challenges together, and build lasting professional relationships.

Guidance every step of the way

Navigate the complexities of healthcare management with a robust support network that starts on Day One. The fellowship program leaders work hard to establish a strong community of supporters who are dedicated to challenging and encouraging the fellows. In addition to building relationships with project sponsors and preceptors, fellows have access to a number of leaders who are committed to supporting their success.

  • Program Director: Your dedicated supervisor for career guidance and mentorship.
  • Associate Program Directors: Expert advice on project portfolio management.
  • Executive Mentors: high level leaders providing strategic insights and career advice.
  • Alumni Mentors: recent fellowship graduates ready to share their own experiences and insights for navigating the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Fellowship Advisory Board Mentors: fellowship alumni offering external perspectives.

Benefits of a project-based approach

Our project-based model is designed to rapidly advance fellows' growth within a condensed timeframe of 12 months. Throughout this period, fellows immerse themselves in expansive initiatives spanning the entire healthcare landscape. This approach offers distinct advantages compared to traditional rotational models. Firstly, fellows develop expertise by delving into projects across the organization, gaining specialized knowledge and a nuanced understanding of critical healthcare management areas. Secondly, our approach ensures tangible impact as fellows lead initiatives from start to finish, witnessing firsthand the transformative effects on healthcare delivery and organizational success.

Moreover, each project presents unique challenges that help hone essential leadership skills vital for success in healthcare management. Fellows develop a well-rounded skill set encompassing strategic planning, financial analysis, continuous improvement, and supply chain optimization. Lastly, our program encourages fellows to adopt a strategic vision by contributing to projects with lasting implications. This cultivates a mindset where fellows understand how their decisions influence the long-term success and direction of healthcare organizations, going beyond immediate tasks to shape a sustainable future.

The Cleveland Clinic Administrative Fellowship Program is not just an opportunity — it's a structured pathway to leadership.



At Cleveland Clinic, our meticulously crafted curriculum propels fellows into the dynamic realm of healthcare management. Rooted in a commitment to developing the next generation of healthcare leaders, our program ensures a seamless transition from academia to the professional world.

  • Hands-On Experience: Experience the heart of our curriculum through a diverse project portfolio, offering immersive learning across critical areas of healthcare operations. Fellows manage initiatives such as OR scheduling, ambulatory operations, and international strategic partnerships, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of their efforts on healthcare delivery.
  • Didactic Sessions: Complementing project work, fellows engage in focused didactic sessions. These sessions delve into key concepts of healthcare management, equipping you with strategic insights crucial for navigating the industry's complexities.
  • A Multifaceted Approach to Professional Development: Fellows are nurtured both as individuals and as a cohort. Through group sessions led by seasoned development consultants, fellows learn to foster a collaborative environment that hones collective skills and cultivates an atmosphere of psychological safety among peers. Additionally, fellows embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery through individualized assessments, revealing their own unique strengths and leadership potential. Delve deeper into your development with dedicated coaching sessions, tailored to empower you with strategies and insights essential for success in the dynamic realm of healthcare management.
  • Caring for the Community: In alignment with the Cleveland Clinic’s care priorities, serving the community is built into the framework of the Administrative Fellowship. Fellows organize two community care events each year, as well as supporting the Velosano Bike for the Cure fundraising event in the fall. 
  • Engagement with High-Level Leadership: Gain unparalleled insights into executive leadership by participating in exclusive events such as Leadership Rounds and Enterprise Leadership Council meetings. Fellows not only connect with top-tier leaders but also observe their strategic decision-making processes firsthand.
  • Leadership Through Mentorship: As advocates of learning by doing, fellows are assigned to lead a Health Management Program during their fellowship. This unique opportunity allows fellows to give back to aspiring professionals while developing essential skills in recruitment, curriculum building, and mentorship.

Join us at the Cleveland Clinic Administrative Fellowship Program, where our curriculum is meticulously designed with each cohort in mind, empowering your growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare management.

Fellowship Locations

Fellowship Locations

The Administrative Fellowship Program presents exciting opportunities for aspiring healthcare leaders in both Florida and Ohio. This unique program, bearing the hallmark of One Cleveland Clinic, ensures a consistent standard of quality, experience, and care across all locations. Designed to cultivate a cohesive "one fellowship" cohort experience, the program facilitates seamless integration between the Florida and Ohio locations. Beginning with a comprehensive 2-week onboarding experience at main campus in Cleveland, Ohio, all fellows embark on their journey with a strong foundation. Learn more about the experiences offered by each location.


Fellows based in Cleveland will report to main campus but will travel throughout the Northeast Ohio region in support of their projects throughout the year. Cleveland fellows have a project portfolio that spans national and international initiatives across the enterprise, but all fellows support at least one project in the Florida region specifically.   


Fellows placed in Florida will be based out of the Weston location but will be given the opportunity to travel throughout the region to support various projects. The project portfolio for Florida fellows is split 80/20 between Florida-specific projects and enterprise initiatives to provide adequate exposure in both the region and the enterprise at large. Fellows in Florida also enjoy a growing alumni base throughout the region who are there to provide support and guidance when needed.