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Body Donation Program

Body Donations Suspended for COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, we cannot accept body donations of individuals who had, or tested positive for, COVID-19 within 30 days prior to death.

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A Donor's Gift is Priceless

“Am I deserving of this? Am I really learning enough? This person who didn’t even know me, gave me the last gift they had to give, I have to make it worth it, I have to learn every detail, and become a doctor with this knowledge, with this experience, and help patients for years to come! They’re giving the gift of medicine to hundreds, thousands of others. That can only be paid forward. ...and I can donate my own body. Then I’ll have settled my debts to this man once and for all.” – Excerpted from My Body by Eric Coble (medical student speaking to cadaver) and based on the writings of Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Class of 2015

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Body Donation Program

Why Donate Your Body?

Though the specific reasons for donating are many, the common theme is a desire to help others.

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Donation Process

Who can donate, how to pre-register, care of remains and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions here.

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Memorial Service

Learn how we celebrate together those who lived their lives with a spirit of generosity and service to others.

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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Our donors come from many walks of life. They are lawyers, cashiers, teachers, beauticians, pastors, retirees, students, engineers, business owners, housewives, executives, laborers, farmers, doctors, firemen and truck drivers. They value education. They wish to serve humanity. And they are determined to make a difference.

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