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Stopping to smell the flowers. Taking a deep breath. Getting a good night’s rest. All those little things you used to take for granted. It’s time to get them back.

Living with nasal polyps can be frustrating. All that sinus pressure. The throat-clearing. The stuffiness. The piles of tissues in the trash. It’s like living with a never-ending cold.

That’s where we come in. The experts at Cleveland Clinic are here to help you sleep easy. And breathe a big sigh of relief. We offer personalized treatment plans to care for your nasal polyps and help relieve your symptoms. Working together, we’ll get you back to taking that deep breath without worry.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic for Nasal Polyp Care?

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Skilled collaborative providers:

Cleveland Clinic’s otolaryngology team diagnoses and treats all conditions related to your ears, nose and throat. They work together to make sure you get expert care and start feeling better fast.

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Recognized expertise:

Our providers are board-certified experts in both medicine and surgery. Nasal polyps can affect more than your nose, but also your sinuses, throat and more. Our team understands the ways nasal polyps can impact your health and your life. Meet out team.

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Patient-centered care:

Your well-being is our top priority. Our experts will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide caring treatment and supportive, ongoing follow-up care.

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Virtual visits:

If getting to your provider’s office is tough, you might be able to have a virtual visit for some appointments. You’ll get the same great care but from the comfort and convenience of home. All you need is an internet connection and smartphone, computer or tablet.

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National recognition:

Cleveland Clinic is a trusted healthcare leader. We're recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world for our expertise and care.

Diagnosing Nasal Polyps at Cleveland Clinic

You probably already knew something was “off.” But it can be hard to put your finger on the problem on your own. Where exactly did my sense of taste go? Why am I always stuffy? And why can’t I sleep through the night?

Our nasal polyps team will listen to all of your concerns. And they’ll take a good look inside your nose to get to the root of the problem. Then they’ll ask you to tell them about your symptoms and how they’re affecting your life. They’ll also want to know about your health history, and if you have things like allergies, infections or asthma.

Next, they’ll do a couple of tests:

  • They’ll use a specialized camera called a nasal endoscope to get a clear look around your nose and sinuses. They’ll partially numb your nose to make sure you stay comfortable while they look for signs of polyps.
  • They’ll also take a CT scan of your head to get a more detailed picture inside your nose and sinuses.

Meet Our Nasal Polyps Team

Our providers are board-certified comprehensive otolaryngologists, which means they’re trained to care for a variety of concerns related to your nose, sinuses, ears and throat. Each member of your team is skilled in medicine, as well as surgery. And if you need more specialized care, they work closely with experts in other areas to care for you. Your team may also include:

  • Rhinologists (sinus specialists).
  • Laryngologists (voice, airway and swallowing specialists).
  • Otologists and neurotologists (ear, hearing and balance specialists).
  • Head and neck cancer specialists.
  • Facial reconstructive surgeons.


Our healthcare providers see patients at convenient locations throughout Northeast Ohio, Florida and London.

Treating Nasal Polyps at Cleveland Clinic

You want to get back to breathing easy. We want that for you, too. And we want to get you there in the most effective way possible. So, we’ll talk with you about a few options for managing your symptoms and work with you to find the best treatment.


For some people, medication can shrink nasal polyps and get you back to smelling, sleeping and breathing easily.

Your treatment may begin with antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays or steroid pills. And your provider may recommend that you use a saline spray to keep mucus moving and clear away irritants.

Your team may also recommend injection (shot) therapy of an anti-inflammatory medication called dupilumab, which helps to control congestion and shrink nasal polyps. You do these shots (in your thigh or stomach) yourself at home (no doctor’s visit needed).


If medication doesn’t do the trick, your provider may recommend surgery. Your provider will use a tiny camera (endoscope) to remove the polyps while you’re asleep. How long the surgery takes depends on your specific condition, but you won’t have to stay in the hospital afterwards. And you can typically return to a normal routine within about a week.

Follow-Up Care

Even after surgery or with medication, nasal polyps can be stubborn, and it’s common for them to come back. That’s why your team will be in close contact with regular follow-up care. They’ll work with you to control your allergies or asthma so there’s less risk of your polyps returning. And if they do come back, your team will help you manage them.

Taking the Next Step

Nasal polyps can take the pleasure out of so many things in life. No one should miss out on the taste of a delicious meal. Or the smell of the ocean breeze. And you shouldn’t have to shop wholesale for your tissues. Breathe easy, we’re here to help.

Getting an appointment with Cleveland Clinic’s nasal polyps experts is easy. We’ll help you get the care you need.


Getting an appointment with Cleveland Clinic’s nasal polyps experts is easy. We’ll help you get the care you need.

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