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Harboring Hope Fund

Cleveland Clinic’s Harboring Hope® Fund:
Giving Childless Couples a Second Chance to Start a Family

About Cleveland Clinic’s Harboring Hope® Program

About one in six couples has difficulty conceiving a child without medical interventions such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Cleveland Clinic’s Harboring Hope® fund is available to childless couples who have failed one cycle of IVF at Cleveland Clinic. IVF is costly, and insurance covers treatments for just 20 percent of patients. Even couples with the best chance of success may require more than one cycle of treatment.

Download our Harboring Hope® brochure

Apply for Harboring Hope® Grants

Cleveland Clinic is committed to being a wise steward of the Harboring Hope® fund. While we would like to make grants available to all applicants, funding recipients for Harboring Hope® will be selected from qualified couples who meet financial and clinical criteria. Couples are free to reapply for Harboring Hope® grants as often as they wish. To apply for a grant or to learn more, call 216.839.2929.

Pledging Support for Harboring Hope®

When a failed first attempt at IVF severely strains finances, couples may be tempted to give up their dream of having children. The goal of the Harboring Hope® fund is to provide grants for a second cycle of IVF to as many couples as possible. The Harboring Hope® program seeks support from those who understand the richness that completing a family through infertility treatment can bring to a couple’s life. Pledge your support at

Create Your Personal Cleveland Clinic’s Harboring Hope® Fundraising Page

Celebrate your own or a loved one’s success in completing a family with in vitro fertilization (IVF) by custom-creating a Harboring Hope® fundraising page. Help qualified couples who failed one cycle of IVF at Cleveland Clinic and cannot afford a second cycle by sharing your page with friends and family. Custom-create your page at