The Graduate Administrative Internship Program is a competitive 10 to 12-week summer program offered to graduate students in MHA, MBA, and MPH programs. Eligible students will have completed their first year of graduate studies. The internship program will provide students the opportunity to work within a specific institute or department at Cleveland Clinic, either at Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio or at one of our Florida locations. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to hone their competencies in a variety of areas (e.g., clinical operations, international operations, strategy) by participating in regular didactic sessions and case studies. Although housing is not provided, interns will receive resources to assist them in identifying housing options.

Why Cleveland Clinic?

Cleveland Clinic, which was ranked in 2021 as the No. 2 hospital in the country by U.S. News and World Report, has the largest graduate administrative internship program in the nation. This program prepares the next generation of healthcare leaders. Interns gain excellent career experiences in leading-edge areas of healthcare management. Interns are supported by a dedicated team to ensure their experience aligns with their professional goals and interests. Additionally, interns benefit from the program’s cohort model; interns will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with students from other top graduate programs.

Previous institutes and departments that interns have worked in:

Post-Graduate Opportunities

Many interns go on to become administrative fellows at Cleveland Clinic. Before they return to graduate school, interns are given the opportunity to apply and interview for the Administrative Fellowship Program through an Early Decision process.

Project Work

Project Work

The Graduate Administrative Internship Program provides interns the opportunity to complete a variety of projects. The intern will work with their preceptor to identify projects that satisfy their interests and enhance their professional development. 

Examples of projects that previous interns have completed include:

  • Revision of Patient Safety Presentation for Caregivers in the Pediatric Institute 
  • Analysis of Physician Engagement Data in the Pediatric Institute
  • Publication of Pediatric Outcome Measures 
  • Development of an Interactive Tool to Recommend Block Schedule Adjustments for Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Presentation to Executive Team on COVID-19 After-Action Review
  • Process Map to Improve Efficiency of Medical Assistants in the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute
  • Creation and Implementation of an Audit Tool for Emergency Department Plan of Care Boards
  • Activation Planning for a New Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospital
  • Development of a Geriatric Telehealth Pilot Program
  • Business Plan Development for Regional Hospital Service Line Growth
  • Utilization of Telemedicine to Improve Regional Access to Care
  • Reduction of Kidney Transplant Readmissions
  • Reduction of CT and MRI Wait Times
Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors

Each intern is assigned to a sponsor. The sponsor acts as a mentor and works with the intern to identify projects that satisfy their interests and enhance their professional development.

Previous sponsors include:

  • Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Community Care
  • Institute Administrator, Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute
  • Institute Administrator, Emergency Services Institute
  • Institute Administrator, Pediatric Institute and Children's Hospital
  • Executive Director, Executive Administration
  • Senior Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations
  • Executive Director, International Operations
  • Director, Product Development
  • Executive Director, Regional Hospitals
  • Institute Administrator, Taussig Cancer Center
  • Chief Strategy Officer

While interns receive tremendous support from their sponsor, who is typically in a director or executive-level role, interns typically work most closely with a preceptor who oversees their daily work.

Contact Information

Contact Information

For more information about the Graduate Administrative Internship Program, please contact:

Cassie Ciarlillo
Cleveland Clinic - Health Education Campus
9501 Euclid Avenue, EC30
Cleveland, OH 44106
Email: [email protected]



"I was able to support multiple projects over the summer to explore my interests, and with the support of my preceptor, I had the chance to connect with mentors throughout the enterprise. The didactic sessions highlighted a range of areas to explore within the Clinic, as well as health administration more broadly. I'm thankful for the cohort model that made the internship experience and exploring all Cleveland has to offer so memorable!" -Sarah Goss, 2021 Intern Class

"Outside of placement-specific project work, Cleveland Clinic displayed a dedication for all interns to have a well-rounded experience through didactic sessions. Looking back, I feel my experiences as a Cleveland Clinic intern allowed me to stretch my limits in a supportive environment and have unparalleled exposure to high level leaders." -Jacob Scroggins, 2021 Intern Class

"I was really on the fence between two different career paths, but doing this internship solidified how much I wanted to be in hospital administration, and hospital administration at one of the best health systems in the world." -Kayla Robinson, 2020 Intern Class

"I really appreciated the autonomy I was afforded as an intern. My preceptor also introduced me to numerous clinical and administrative leaders, and was personally invested in my internship experience." -Casey Lawrence, 2020 Intern Class

"I was afforded the opportunity to spend a summer interning at Cleveland Clinic in Executive Administration. Being placed directly on a team allowed for me to build strong relationships and help contribute to the organization. The greatest benefit of the internship was experiencing the culture of Cleveland Clinic. From the start of my experience, I felt welcomed and supported in the work that I was doing. The sheer size of the Main Campus in Cleveland is energizing. The internship helped broaden my understanding of health care and allowed me to build friendships with many. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience." -Andrew Haffner, 2019 Intern Class

"One of my biggest concerns coming into the administrative internship was that my learning would be mostly limited to the institute/department I was assigned to. However, the collaborative culture across the Clinic forces you to engage other enterprise teams when tackling any particular project. This exposure, in addition to the weekly development sessions, allowed me to see and experience the full breadth of what takes place across a large international health system. Another surprising aspect of the internship was the level of work that was expected of you. When sitting in a meeting, I was expected to ask questions and share ideas rather than simply listen and take minutes. Overall, the internship was an incredible opportunity to experience the inner workings of the Clinic and was the sole reason I opted out of the consulting career path and put all my energy towards the Clinic's administrative fellowship program." -Nicholas Migliore, 2016 Intern Class

Application Process

Application Process

Dates for the 2022 application cycle will be released in fall 2022.

In the cover letter, applicants should indicate their interest in Cleveland Clinic and goals for a summer internship. After initial reviews, select first-round remote interviews will take place in December, followed by second-round interviews and final selections in late December or early January. The internship may be on-site, remote, or hybrid. A competitive monthly stipend will be provided to students during the 10-12-week internship. Exceptions may be made on the length of the internship due to COVID-19.