If you are experiencing an urgent health-related problem, do not attempt to use MyChart to communicate with your Cleveland Clinic healthcare team. Please call 9-1-1 or your doctor's office immediately.

What can I do with MyChart?

Complete an eVisit for Minor Health Issues

eVisits are a convenient, secure way to access Cleveland Clinic providers for five common, minor ailments:

  • back pain
  • cough
  • urinary tract infection
  • sinus infection
  • vaginal yeast infection

Complete a questionnaire regarding your symptom history and a provider will respond with a diagnosis and treatment instructions within one business day. If medication is prescribed, the prescription order will be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy.

Message Your Providers

The Message My Doctor’s Office feature enables you to send a secure message regarding a non-urgent medical concern to your established provider’s office and receive a response from the healthcare team within three business days. An established provider is one you have seen within the last fifteen months.

Schedule and Request Appointments

MyChart enables you to view your established provider’s open schedule and book an appointment online in real-time. This feature is available in internal medicine, family medicine, geriatrics, or pediatrics at any of our family health center locations, and internal medicine at main campus.

MyChart also enables you to request appointments for your established providers in any department.

View Test Results

View details of any recent medical tests including laboratory, radiology, pathology, and procedure results. Most test results are automatically released into MyChart, with the exception of certain sensitive tests.

View Physician Progress Notes

Outpatient progress notes are available for review in the "Past Appointments" section of MyChart. Simply click on a past appointment to review the progress notes written by your Cleveland Clinic provider for the visit.

View Medications & Request Renewals

You can view a list of your current medications, request prescription renewals and learn more about your medications by clicking on "About This Medication."

Access Preventive Care Information

View a list of procedures or immunizations recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history. Due dates are included to help you decide when to request tests or procedures.

You may request a preventive care procedure if the procedure is listed as due soon (due within a month) or overdue.

View Upcoming & Past Appointments

View the details of your upcoming appointments or click on a past appointment to view the after visit summary for that appointment. Outpatient progress notes are available for review as a part of the visit details in the "Past Appointments" section of MyChart.

You may also view details from your hospital stays under "Hospital Admissions."

View Your Child's or Dependant's Medical Records

The MyChart • Caregiver service allows you to view the medical records of your children or an adult that you care for. When clicking on a particular name, you will access that patient's MyChart account.

For more information on requesting Caregiver access, click the "For Caregivers" tab.

View Download and Transmit Your Health Summary

The "Download Your Health Summary" feature enables you to download PDF copies of your after-visit summary and past medical history to share with other providers or use for your own personal benefit.

The “Download Your Health Summary” feature will replace Microsoft’s health information exchange capability, which facilitated the automatic exchange of health information from your MyChart account into your Microsoft HealthVault account. If you would like to continue to manually download your health information into your Microsoft HealthVault account, please follow the instructions in our reference guide.

View Immunizations

View a list of immunizations recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history. Due dates are included to help you decide when to request an immunization.

Provide Information Access to Referring Doctors

MyChart users can authorize a non-Cleveland Clinic doctor to access their medical information by selecting "DrConnect Authorization" in MyChart under "Manage My Health Info".

If you approve release of your medical records to your doctor, he or she will need to be registered through DrConnect for access. We will verify that your doctor is registered or contact him or her to sign up.

MyChart Contact Info

By Phone

Contact MyChart Customer Support locally at 216.444.1740 or toll-free at 866.915.3383.
We're here to answer your questions about MyChart.


Got a question about MyChart? Complete our WebMail form and a MyChartCustomer Support agent will respond to you via email within 1 business day.



What is Cleveland Clinic MyChart?

MyChart is a secure, online health management tool that connects Cleveland Clinic patients to portions of their electronic medical record, 24/7, allowing you to:

  • Receive test results, including labs, radiology, procedures, and pathology
  • Schedule, request, and cancel appointments
  • Securely message your provider’s office
  • View ambulatory progress notes
  • View current health issues
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Review past appointment information
  • Track immunizations

Do I need any special computer equipment to use MyChart or MyChart • Caregiver?

No. All you need is access to a computer, an email account, and an Internet connection.

How do I sign up for MyChart?

There are two convenient ways to establish your personal MyChart account:

  • The next time you visit your Cleveland Clinic provider, ask your patient service representative at the front desk to generate a one time-use Activation Code for your personal MyChart account.
  • Click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and complete the online MyChart sign-up form by entering the requested information. (Please note that the information you provide is confidential and it will be processed through our secure website.) Your information will be verified; then a special, one-time-use MyChart Activation Code will be sent to you via e-mail. Once you receive your one-time-use Activation Code, please use it to activate your MyChart Account.

Can I get my Medical Record Number?

Your Cleveland Clinic Medical Record Number and  account number can be found on a billing statement, appointment reminder, or an after visit summary. 

My doctor's name is not in my provider list?

The Message My Doctor’s Office feature enables you to send a secure message regarding a non-urgent medical concern to the providers that you are established with and receive a response from a member of the healthcare team within three business days. (An established provider is a provider that you have seen within the last fifteen months.)

How cany I get my  preventative care information updated?

Preventive Care procedures are suggested based on your age and gender and in some cases a specific diagnosis you may have. You are encouraged to discuss this information with your provider during your next visit. Your provider can update the MyChart Preventive Care information.  

When can I see my recent test results?

It may take several days or even weeks for certain tests to be completed and reported. If you feel that your test results should be available but you don't see them in MyChart, it is best to call the office of the provider who ordered the test(s).

Can I change my address on my MyChart account? 

Log into your MyChart account.  Click on the "Preferences" menu and select the "Change Address" link. Make your corrections and click "Accept Changes".  Also, a  message will be sent to your provider's office with your new information.

Can I activate MyChart for a loved one?

Yes you can. The MyChart • Caregiver service gives parents or legal guardians of minor children (age 18 years and younger) access to portions of their child's medical records.

MyChart • Caregiver can also be used by legal guardians or caregivers with Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare of dependent adults to access portions of the medical record of their loved ones.

With the MyChart Caregiver service you will have the same convenient, 24-hour online access to medical information and health management services for your dependent loved one as you enjoy with your own MyChart account.

For more information about MyChart • Caregiver or to sign up, select the “For Caregivers” tab above. If you already have a MyChart account and are the parent of a minor child, you may ask the front desk support personnel at your pediatrician’s office for MyChart • Caregiver access at your next appointment.

How can I establish myself as a Cleveland Clinic patient and begin using my own personal MyChart account?

If you are not presently a Cleveland Clinic patient but would like to establish yourself with a Cleveland Clinic provider, please call the appointment center at 1.866.320.4573. An appointment specialist will assist you in identifying a provider at a Cleveland Clinic location near your home. You may also request an appointment online.

You may activate your personal MyChart account the first time you visit your new provider's office.

Can I message my Cleveland Clinic provider through MyChart?

The Message My Doctor’s Office feature enables you to send a secure message regarding a non-urgent medical concern to your established provider’s office and receive a response from the healthcare team within three business days. An established provider is one you have seen within the last fifteen months.

Will my Cleveland Clinic provider contact me through MyChart?

When your provider releases test results, a message may be included with your results to help you better understand the significance of the information you receive. Your provider may also send you secure messages through your MyChart account.

MyChart will never send personal health information via email; however, you will receive an email notification to alert you when there is new information to be viewed in your secure MyChart account.

Does every Cleveland Clinic patient automatically have MyChart?

No. Though we strongly encourage you to sign up for MyChart so that you may benefit from its many convenient uses, a MyChart account will only be established once you complete the online activation steps. We respect your personal preference regarding communication with your Cleveland Clinic provider, and we do not require anyone to become a member of the MyChart community.

Is there a monthly charge for MyChart or MyChart • Caregiver?

There is no charge. Both MyChart and MyChart • Caregiver services are offered complimentary to Cleveland Clinic patients.

MyChart Mobile

MyChart Mobile

Are you a MyChart user who would like to access MyChart on your mobile phone?

Current MyChart users can download the MyChart mobile application, available at no cost. View test results, medications, immunizations, past and future appointments and more.

The MyChart® mobile application is currently available on the Apple® App StoreSM and the Android MarketTM 

Download instructions:

  1. Access the App Store or Android Market on your mobile device.
  2. Search for 'MyChart' to locate the application.
  3. Download the free MyChart application.
  4. Launch the MyChart application and select Cleveland Clinic as your healthcare provider.
  5. Log in using your MyChart username and password.
For Caregivers

For Caregivers

Caregivers who use MyChart can also sign up for the MyChart • Caregiver feature, which allows:

  • Parents or court-appointed guardians of minor children (age 18 years and younger) to access portions of their child’s medical records
  • Court-appointed guardians of dependent adults to access portions of the patient’s medical records
  • Any adult who feels more comfortable having a family member or other caregiver manage his or her healthcare online

Below are instructions for caregivers about accessing MyChart • Caregiver. Select the option that best describes your current situation:

I am the parent or court-appointed guardian of a minor patient

Follow these steps:

  1. Print Forms A & B.

    Fill it out and fax, mail or drop off at Health Data Services:

    MyChart • Caregiver Area
    Cleveland Clinic Health Data Services/AB-7
    9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
    Fax number: 216.636.0991

  2. If you are currently active on MyChart, the patient’s record will be automatically added to your MyChart account. If you are not active on MyChart, you will receive email instructions for activating your account.

Option 2: Ask your pediatrician for MyChart • Caregiver access at your next appointment. If the dependent is not your child, you cannot register at your pediatrician’s office.

I am the court-appointed guardian of an adult patient 

Follow these steps:

  1. Print Forms A & D.

    Fill it out and fax, mail or drop off at Health Data Services:

    MyChart • Caregiver Area
    Cleveland Clinic Health Data Services/AB-7
    9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
    Fax number: 216.636.0991

  2. If you are currently active on MyChart, the patient’s record will be automatically added to your MyChart account. If you are not active on MyChart, you will receive email instructions for activating your account.

I am a caregiver for an adult patient who is authorizing me to access their MyChart Account

Follow these steps:

  1. Print Forms A & C.

    Fill it out and fax, mail or drop off at Health Data Services:

    MyChart · Caregiver Area
    Cleveland Clinic Health Data Services/AB-7
    9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
    Fax number: 216.636.0991

  2. If you are currently active on MyChart, the patient’s record will be automatically added to your MyChart account. If you are not active on MyChart, you will receive email instructions for activating your account.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Cleveland Clinic MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ is an Internet service that allows Cleveland Clinic patients to have secure Web-based access to portions of their Cleveland Clinic electronic medical record.

Learn more about guidelines, terms and conditions:

Security, Confidentiality and Usage Guidelines for MyChart

Cleveland Clinic MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ is designed as a secure Internet-based environment through which you may receive confidential medical information about yourself.

Once you sign up for MyChart, you will be given a MyChart activation code that you will use only once to activate your account.

Then, create your own MyChart ID, password and password hint.

Password Guidelines

Please DO NOT SHARE your password with anyone. The individual MyChart ID and password you choose when you first log on to MyChart are the keys to protecting the confidentiality of your information.

You are responsible for remembering your MyChart ID and password and for keeping them confidential.

We strongly recommend that you write down your MyChart ID and password hint and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

Access Code Guidelines

From the time you receive your temporary, one-time-use activation code, you will have ONLY 60 days to log-on and activate your MyChart account.

After 60 days, if you have not activated your account, your temporary ten-digit activation code will expire. PLEASE activate your account as soon as possible so that you may begin using the services immediately and not risk the inconvenience of having to sign up a second time.

Activation Guidelines

Once you activate your MyChart account, use it to access important messages from your primary care doctor (such as selected test results and other personal medical information).

Through MyChart, you may request new appointments and prescription renewals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You must provide us with your email address when activating your MyChart account and keep your email address current via the email communication link in MyChart.

No confidential information will be sent to your email, but you will receive email notification whenever a new result has been released to your MyChart account.

You therefore must verify and update your email address via the email communication link to receive notification of newly released information in MyChart.

Communication Process

Please Note: As a MyChart user, you may no longer receive communications from Cleveland Clinic via U.S. mail. MyChart will become your primary vehicle for receiving information and requesting applicable services.

Please be sure to check your email on a regular basis and update your email contact information in your MyChart account if you change your email address.

Your doctor will be notified when you create a MyChart account, and he or she will begin releasing your health information into MyChart.

*It is important that you never send any messages requiring urgent attention using MyChart. Delays can occur based on volume and staff availability.

Urgent Medical Matters

All urgent medical matters, contact your doctor’s office, go to an emergency room or call 911.

MyChart User Responsibilities

By accessing or using MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement and our Privacy Statement as posted on our Privacy & Security page. It is important to review the agreement and privacy statement periodically as we may modify this agreement and the Privacy Statement at any time, and you agree that such modifications are effective and binding upon you immediately upon posting of the modified version.

You agree that MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ is a communication service offered as a convenience to Cleveland Clinic patients. You understand that it provides you with online access to portions of your Cleveland Clinic electronic medical record and that you are solely responsible for any sharing of MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ content that you intentionally or unintentionally communicate to others. You understand that messages will be routed to the appropriate department as necessary for handling, and therefore Cleveland Clinic employees, other than your healthcare provider may be involved in addressing your request. Therefore use of MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ may not be appropriate if there is sensitive information that you would only wish to discuss directly with your provider.

You understand that you may receive messages, test results and other communications delivered via MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™. Therefore, you will not receive duplicate written reports of this information from Cleveland Clinic. You understand that not all of your Cleveland Clinic medical record may appear on your MyChart:Your Personal Health Connection™. Posting of information is at the discretion of your individual physician(s).

The Cleveland Clinic reserves the right in the future to charge a fee for the use of MyChart:Your Personal Health Connection™. You will be notified of this change and asked to re-apply if you agree to the fee and wish to continue with this service.

You can discontinue your use of MyChart:Your Personal Health Connection™ at any time by contacting the customer service center. You agree that you will not post any offensive material on this site. If we determine that you have violated this agreement and/or abused the use of this service, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to discontinue your use of this service. You will be notified if your MyChart:Your Personal Health Connection™ service is discontinued.

Privacy Statement

Cleveland Clinic has in place detailed policies and procedures regarding access to all medical records by our staff and employees and has carefully outlined the circumstances under which your medical information may be released to parties outside the organization. These policies conform to state and federal law and are designed to safeguard your privacy. Our staff and employees are educated in Cleveland Clinic confidentiality policies and the appropriate use of medical information. A Cleveland Clinic patient's medical information is held in strictest confidence.

Your Medical Record

As we provide your healthcare, we are required to maintain documentation of your medical history, current conditions, treatment plan and all treatments given, including the results of all tests, procedures and therapies. MyChart Your Personal Health Connection™ is an Internet application that enables a patient to have secured Web-based access to portions of their electronic medical record, and allows secure electronic messaging with Cleveland Clinic. Messages you send via MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ may be made part of your permanent medical record at the discretion of the physician or support staff. Once it is made part of your record, it will be accessible to current and future Cleveland Clinic staff members who are appropriately involved with your care. All Cleveland Clinic generated electronic medical record content is subject to all state and federal statutes governing the security and confidentiality of medical records.


MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ should never be used for urgent matters. Delays can occur based upon volume, availability of staff and the complexity of your condition. Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday, (excluding holidays) 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. FOR ALL MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, IMMEDIATELY DIAL 911. If your physician is out of the office or unavailable to respond, messages sent via MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™.

Terms and Conditions of Use

MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ may be routed to other authorized caregivers within Cleveland Clinic in order to facilitate a timely response to your request. All communications between you and your Cleveland Clinic healthcare team using MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ are carried over a secure, encrypted connection directly into the Cleveland Clinic electronic medical record. While you may receive Internet email messages notifying you of new messages in your MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ Inbox, these emails will not contain any confidential medical information.

It is extremely important that you keep your MyChart user ID and password in a secure location and completely confidential. Anyone with access to your MyChart user ID and password will be able to view your medical information and communicate with your healthcare team as if that person were you. It is your responsibility to prevent disclosure of your temporary activation code and password and to change your password and password hint if you feel that your security has been compromised. You can change your password and password hint online at any time.


Cleveland Clinic does not support access to MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™ pediatric medical records at this time.

Copyright and Trademarks

All content included on Cleveland Clinic Websites, including, but not limited to, text, photographs, graphics, button icons, images, artwork, names, logos, trademarks, service marks and data (the "Content"), in any form including the compilation thereof, are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and conventions. The Content includes both Content owned or controlled by The Cleveland Clinic Foundation ("CCF") and Content owned or controlled by third parties and licensed to CCF. Except as set forth below, direct or indirect reproduction of the Content, in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of CCF.

Site Access and Licenses

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This website uses encryption software. While we use state-of-the-art security, no system can perfectly guard against risks of intentional intrusion or inadvertent disclosure of MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™: Terms and Conditions of Use information. When using Cleveland Clinic Secure Online Services MyChart Your Personal Health Connection™, information will be transmitted over a medium that is beyond the control of The Cleveland Clinic and its contractors. YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUME THE SOLE RISK OF ANY UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OR INTENTIONAL INTRUSION, OR OF ANY DELAY, FAILURE, INTERRUPTION OR CORRUPTION OF DATA OR OTHER INFORMATION TRANSMITTED IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THIS SERVICE. Once the information is received by us, your medical information will be treated as confidential and given the same protection that all other Cleveland Clinic medical records are given.

Links to Third Party Sites

This website contains links to websites operated by other parties. The links are provided for your convenience only. We do not control such Web sites and we are not responsible for the content and performance of these sites. The inclusion of links to other Web sites does not imply any endorsement of the material on the websites or any association with their operators. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation does not operate, control or endorse any information, products or services provided by third parties through the Internet. Use of other sites is strictly at your own risk including, but not limited to, any risks associated with destructive viruses. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the terms and conditions of use and the privacy statements of the other Web sites.

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Limitation of Liability

Some of the material on the CCF site is provided by third parties and CCF shall not be held responsible for any such third-party material. CCF disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to such third-party material. Any questions complaints or claims related to any product should be directed to the appropriate third party.


By using CCFs website, you agree that the laws of the state of Ohio, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Terms and Conditions of Use and any dispute that might arise between you and CCF, its doctors, nurses, staff or other affiliates. You expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute with The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, its affiliates, employees, subsidiaries, contractors, officers and directors, resides in the courts of Cuyahoga County, Ohio and you further agree and expressly consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction in the courts of Cuyahoga County, Ohio in connection with any claim involving The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, its affiliates, employees, subsidiaries, MyChart: Your Personal Health Connection™:

Terms and Conditions of Use

Contractors, officers and directors. Use of CCFs website is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to the terms and conditions set forth herein. MyChart is a registered trademark of EPIC SYSTEMS CORPORATION.

MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, © 1999-2008. Patents pending.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Learn more about how Cleveland Clinic patients use MyChart to manage their healthcare. 

Cleveland Clinic Caregiver and Patient Touts the Benefits of MyChart in Caring for Her Family of Six

As a busy working mother of four, Laura Brandon, a Cleveland Clinic employee and patient, says she has been using MyChart for years to quickly and easily manage her family’s healthcare. While she says she appreciates many of MyChart’s secure and innovative features including Message My Doctor and Request an Rx Renewal, she was especially pleased to discover the Schedule an Appointment feature several weeks ago, after finding out that one of her daughter’s appointments needed to be rescheduled.

“My husband and I have four children, ages 21, 18, 14 and 10 so it’s been a long journey of many Cleveland Clinic appointments,” says Laura. By now, I have it down to a science where six weeks from when one of their well visits should be, I call or stop by in person to make an appointment. There are always certain parameters, because I want the appointment to be after school and certain dates work better than others. So when I received a message through MyChartCaregiver that my daughter’s appointment needed to be rescheduled, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find another appointment that worked for months.”

However, then Laura noticed a relatively new feature in MyChart called Schedule an Appointment. “When I first clicked the button, I was expecting to be taken to a form that I would fill out and submit so someone could call me back to reschedule. Instead, our physician’s schedule with all of her available time slots appeared on my screen. I thought it might be a mistake!” says Laura. So she logged out of MyChart and logged back in, only to discover that the schedule was still available.

“Once I realized I was in the right place, I thought this feature was the best thing ever,” says Laura. “My daughter was originally meant to be seen in mid-November at 4:00pm. Using the Schedule an Appointment feature, I was able to reschedule her for less than two weeks later at 4:30pm, which works even better with school. Having our physician’s schedule laid out in front of me made it much easier to determine what available time would work in relation to our parameters. I’m looking forward to using the feature again, as I need to schedule two more appointments in the near future.”

In addition, MyChart users now have another option for directly scheduling an appointment in the departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics. If a user does not see a date and time that works with their established provider, they can simply click on the “Search for additional available appointments” link to view the open schedules of any primary care provider at any Cleveland Clinic location. Laura says this additional option may certainly be useful for her busy family in future.

One of Cleveland Clinic’s primary objectives is to provide greater access to the patients we serve. Laura says MyChart goes a long way to enhance her family’s access to the unique healthcare services they each require. “MyChart is intuitive to use and allows my family to securely and easily communicate with our physicians, renew prescriptions and schedule appointments at times that work for us, among other things. I truly appreciate MyChart and the many wonderful features I frequently use to ensure that all of my family members are getting the care they need to live full and happy lives.”

Cleveland Clinic Patient Joe Balsay Touts the Benefits of the MyChart Mobile Application in Managing His Healthcare

Love the MyChart app for iPhone and iPad. Great for appointments, messages, visit records, prescriptions etc. I would highly recommend it. Works well without a hitch. – Joe Balsay

Since becoming patients in 2006, Joe Balsay and his wife receive all of their healthcare and related support through Cleveland Clinic. Joe says MyChart, Cleveland Clinic’s secure, online health management tool, that connects patients to important information from their electronic medical record 24/7, has greatly enhanced their experience. So he was especially pleased when it was introduced as a mobile application. Joe is a member of Cleveland Clinic’s Patient Panel, a forum in which patients share feedback on a variety of Cleveland Clinic services. When asked about the MyChart app, Joe shared the above sentiment. So what does Joe most appreciate about the app, as well as MyChart in general? We reached out to learn more.

Joe says his primary care physician first suggested he and his wife activate MyChart on their desktop several years ago, and they’ve been avid users since. They now use MyChart on their desktop, iPad and iPhones, so their information is securely and easily accessible to them from wherever they may be. “Once I downloaded the MyChart app, I felt it worked very well and provided all of the information I needed, right at my fingertips,” he says. “In fact, I was recently trying to find a doctor that had provided me with a prescription seven years ago. Sure enough, I was able to use the mobile application to access his information and the prescription that he provided me with right from where I was sitting. That type of convenience was just not possible before the MyChart app came along.”

Joe says he also appreciates the ability to access test results and ask his provider questions through the mobile application. “My wife and I like to view our test results in MyChart before going to our follow-up appointments, so we can prepare for what to discuss with our physician in advance,” he says. “It’s very easy to access all of that information through the app and I can see if everything is on form or if it’s changed since last time. If I don’t have a follow-up appointment scheduled, I can also send a secure message to my physician and he usually responds right away.”

Joe says he’d encourage other Cleveland Clinic patients who are not already using the MyChart app to see what the service has to offer. “In today’s fast paced world, it’s so convenient to have the history of your healthcare securely at your fingertips,” he says. “My wife and I have always watched our healthcare closely through our provider and the MyChart app really simplifies that whole experience for both the provider and the patient. MyChart’s mobile application allows me to feel more actively engaged in my own healthcare experience than ever before.”

Patient Shares His Positive Experience Using eVisits

Going to the doctor when you’re not feeling well can be a necessary but arduous task. Thanks to MyChart’s new eVisits feature, patients with certain minor ailments now have the ability to securely connect with a provider from the comfort of their own home. Patient Paul Rigda says he recently had a fantastic experience using eVisits while suffering with a sinus infection.

eVisits can be used to address five common ailments: back pain, cough, urinary tract infection, sinus infection and vaginal yeast infection. To use it, no audio or video connection is needed. Patients complete a questionnaire regarding their symptom history and a provider responds with a diagnosis and treatment instructions within one business day. If medication is prescribed, the order is sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. While eVisits are not covered by insurance, they are low cost out of pocket.

“The ease of use is unbelievable,” says Rigda. “At first, I thought I’d be told that I’d have to come in anyway, but that didn’t happen. My provider was very efficient; not only with writing a prescription, but also with making some suggestions about over the counter products I could try to help ease my situation.” According to a recent Cleveland Clinic survey, 82% of patients felt that eVisits saved them time compared to an in-person office visit.

“I think the eVisit was just as effective as an office visit,” he says. “I felt that the information I submitted was thoroughly read, taken into account and then a decision was reached. What made it even better is that I didn’t have to drive down, park and subject myself to other people who were sick. It was so nice to simply go online, get the medication I needed and start feeling better.”

Cleveland Clinic’s MyChart Program Strengthens the Patient-Physician Partnership

MyChart, Cleveland Clinic’s secure, online health management tool that connects patients to portions of their electronic medical record 24/7, contains multiple features that can enhance the patient-provider partnership as never before. The benefits of this program become especially evident when considering a real life example.

Roland Van Rijn was first diagnosed with cancer in 2003, after doctors discovered a tumor in his kidney. Roland underwent treatment and spent several years in remission. That is, until two years ago, when he began coughing up blood. Roland went to see his primary care physician, Jan Bautista, MD, in the Department of Internal Medicine at Cleveland Clinic’s Lakewood Family Health Center. Dr. Bautista worked alongside Roland’s oncologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus location to determine the cause. Roland’s physicians diagnosed him with a recurrence of his renal cell cancer, which had spread to his lungs.

News of this diagnosis would certainly be difficult for anyone to process. However, Roland says that there is a night and day difference between his experience 11 years ago and his experience today. This is due in large part to the advances in technology since his original diagnosis. “I think the technology has allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of my condition. It really gives me a sense of connection to what’s going on inside my body,” he says. “The cancer I have now is just as serious if not more serious than 11 years ago. But being able to go online anytime and view much of the same medical information as my physicians enables us to really work as a team and makes my experience radically different than before.”

Dr. Bautista says MyChart truly enhances his ability to collaborate with patients like Roland and make the most effective use of their time together. Roland’s oncologist has access to the same information, which also allows for a more efficient collaboration between Roland, his oncologist and Dr. Bautista. “When I go to see my oncologist, it’s a totally different relationship. He plays a very important role, but I usually end up with a lot of questions that I need to have answered in order to really understand where I’m at,” Roland says. “Dr. Bautista is my primary care physician; he’s my coach. He can take terminology that I don’t know and bring it to a level I really understand.”

Between work and play, Roland is an avid world traveler. This is possible, he says, largely because of the ability to communicate with his physicians electronically. He provides the example of a time when he noticed some discoloration on his finger nails during a trip to Alaska. Rather than attempting to describe the situation over the phone or traveling home for an appointment, Roland was able to contact Dr. Bautista through MyChart’s Message My Doctor secure online messaging feature. Dr. Bautista confirmed that the discoloration was simply a result of Roland’s chemotherapy, and he was able to continue his travels.

“The freedom that these developments in technology allow truly enhances my life. If all I could do is think about what’s going on inside me, it would be very hard. Instead, I have the wonderful distractions of travel,” Roland says. “Without MyChart, I would have a hard time stepping away and feeling as comfortable as I do.”
Dr. Bautista says Roland’s experience is a great example of how features within MyChart have transformed the level of service he is able to provide. “As physicians, we all want our patients to be well informed about the conditions they have,” he says. “I think that being able to interact with their own electronic medical record online, anytime has definitely empowered and educated my patients in a new way. I really believe that it’s enhanced their level of trust in what I’m striving to do for them.”

Elderly Couple Says MyChart is a Valuable Tool for Older Patients

As computers become increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, many are discovering how new tools and technologies can enhance their medical care. MyChart, a secure online health management tool that allows Cleveland Clinic patients to view portions of their medical records, see test results, message their physicians, schedule appointments and more, is an excellent resource for patients of all ages, including senior citizens. Since signing up for MyChart several years ago, Rich and Rita Klingman, 86 and 87, say this easy to use program has greatly enhanced their care experience.

Between them, Rich and Rita face a number of medical conditions that require them to stay in close contact with their providers. “Our Internist (and MyChart Medical Director), Dr. Lori Posk, told us about MyChart when it was first introduced several years ago,” says Rita. “It seemed like a neat concept, so we decided to sign up. Since then, MyChart has been wonderful for things like helping us to remember what doses of medication we are taking, and contacting our physicians.”

Although some older patients may be weary of using MyChart in place of more traditional communication methods, Rich says for him, the program has facilitated much better communication than before. “Prior to MyChart, I could only contact my doctor’s office at certain times of the day. Even then, I had to pick up the phone and would often speak to three or four people before getting what I needed. Now, I can easily go online and see my healthcare information anytime, from anywhere. If I have any questions, I can send a message to my doctor’s office, and they always respond in a timely manner.”

Rita says she believes having a tool like MyChart is very important for elderly patients. “My husband and I are fortunate that we still are able to leave our home. However, for instances when we can’t get out, or for those who may not normally be able, it’s great to have our important health information and this valuable form of two-way communication at our fingertips, anytime we need.”

Rich and Rita say they would highly recommend MyChart to any older patients who may be interested in signing up. “I’d like to stress that the program is simple to use, and information is presented in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand,” says Rich. “MyChart has been wonderful in allowing us to feel fully engaged in our healthcare experience at Cleveland Clinic.”

Patient Uses MyChart to Instantly Access her Medical Records During an Unexpected Hospitalization in Michigan

Cleveland Clinic’s MyChart website and mobile application allow patients to securely access portions of their electronic medical records, see test results, message the doctor’s office, renew prescriptions, request appointments and more, anytime, from anywhere. These functionalities provide a number of benefits. For instance, when a patient travels away from home and suddenly requires medical attention, that patient can use MyChart to access their medical information on a computer or mobile device right at the point of care. This information can provide their attending physician with details that were previously unavailable, or required a lengthy requisition process from the patient’s regular healthcare provider.

For Deb Sheren, a Cleveland Clinic patient and avid MyChart user, this made all the difference this past April, while visiting her father in Michigan. A few months prior, Deb had been hospitalized and diagnosed with pancreatitis. “My doctors couldn’t find a cause at the time, so they said, ‘let’s just see how it goes,’” she says. “A few months went by and my father was hospitalized up in Michigan, so I went to visit him. A few hours after we arrived, I was starting to not feel well. In a short period of time, I went from not feeling great to feeling absolutely terrible. We called an ambulance and I was admitted to the hospital right away. I told the ER doctor, ‘This happened in January and I think I know what it is.’ So she drew blood, ran tests and confirmed I had another case of pancreatitis.”

Deb’s ER doctor gave Deb’s test results to her brother and partner to review. “All of a sudden, I said ‘wait a minute’, reached into my pocket and handed them my smart phone. I told them to go to the MyChart site, log in, and pull up my test results from January so we could compare the values,” she says. “So when my doctor came back in, we handed her the phone and showed her my results.” As Deb was able to access MyChart on her mobile device, her Cleveland Clinic medical records became immediately available to Deb, her ER doctor and all subsequent caregivers involved in her treatment.

“Every time a new doctor came in, I’d hand them my phone so they could see what tests had already been run and what the results had been,” Deb says. “The Internist that was overseeing my care in Michigan said ‘You know, you probably saved yourself tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of tests, because you could pull up and show us what tests had already been run and what the results were.’ Not only did it save redoing those tests, I could have been kept another day just to run some of them.”

Deb says having her MyChart account easily accessible while in Michigan made her experience receiving treatment away from home much more comfortable. “It was like I was carrying my medical records right in my pocket. I felt reassured that my doctors weren’t going to repeat any of the tests I’d already been given, and that they had a broader history on me than just that one event. I was as new to them as they were to me, but because they were able to view my information in MyChart, they could get a more general idea of what my healthcare had been up to that point,” she says.

Once Deb was stable, her Michigan doctors cleared her to return home to Cleveland for any follow-up treatment that was needed. “While I was in the hospital, I had my partner bring me my laptop. I logged in to Cleveland Clinic’s website, searched pancreatitis specialists in my network and found four doctors that met my criteria. I was then able to use MyChart’s secure ‘Message My Doctor’ feature to send my primary care physician, Dr. Lori Posk, a message. I explained what happened, gave her the names of the specialists I had found and asked for her advice,” she says. “I love that no matter what Cleveland Clinic doctor I need to go to, they can pull up all of my information at the point of care. I don’t have to re-explain my whole situation, or worry about forgetting something that might be important for my physician to know.”

Deb says she’d certainly suggest signing up for a MyChart account to anyone who may be interested. “Electronic medical records are as secure as paper files. I like having MyChart because then I have secure access to those records anytime I want. I feel good knowing that no matter where I may be, another healthcare provider can access my records,” she says. “MyChart also allows you the ability to educate yourself about what’s going on with your health. I appreciate that you can see normal ranges alongside your test results, so I can look at what my results are measuring, what normal ranges are, and what the causes might be. MyChart really allows you to become an educated participant in your own healthcare experience.”