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National research has shown that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) patients are at increased risk for substandard, insensitive or even abusive healthcare due to stigmatization. Cleveland Clinic strives to decrease inequalities through education, training and the delivery of the highest quality healthcare to LGBTQ+ patients.

Based out of Cleveland Clinic’s Lakewood Family Health Center, the Center for LGBTQ+ Care offers a safe, welcoming environment in which we provide respectful, expert healthcare for all of our patients. The center is made up of caregivers who have a specific interest in treating the unique healthcare needs of a historically underserved community. Our Cleveland Clinic caregivers are board-certified in their medical and surgical areas.

Healthcare Equality Index

Since 2016, Cleveland Clinic and its regional hospitals have been recognized as an LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader based on the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index.

The Healthcare Equality Index is a national benchmarking tool that evaluates healthcare facilities for their dedication to the equitable treatment and inclusion of their LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning) patients, visitors and employees.

“LGBT+ patients have specific health risks that need to be addressed. We provide a comfortable environment with providers who have experience, knowledge and a better understanding of our patients.”

— James Hekman, MD, FACP, Medical Director, Center for LGBT+ Care, Medical Director, Lakewood Family Health Center

“Cleveland Clinic recognizes the need to provide comprehensive services to transgender patients of all ages, and we have developed a multidisciplinary team of medical and surgical providers to care for these patients.”

—Cecile A. Ferrando, MD, MPH, Surgical Director, Cleveland Clinic Transgender Surgery & Medicine

Our Services

Our Services

We offer LGBTQ+ patients access to providers with experience and skills related to LGBT+ care.

The interdisciplinary team includes:

Primary Care

Our primary care providers are trained to take a complete health history, including social and sexual history, and to provide gender affirmation-related healthcare. In addition, all providers are skilled at performing an appropriate, sensitive and systematic physical examination to provide recommendations for applicable health screenings, risk factor reduction recommendations and wellness support based on relevant guidelines for the LGBTQ+ individual. Healthcare providers within the Center for LGBT+ Care are also trained in adolescent and pediatric health. Our caregivers have an awareness of and demonstrate respect for our LGBTQ+ patients and their specific health needs, including high-risk areas such as tobacco and substance use or abuse, sexually transmitted infections, blood pressure and weight management, heart care, cancer screenings, depression, and self-image.

Specialty Care

Cleveland Clinic has worked to identify providers within the majority of specialty disciplines who have an interest in the care of LGBTQ+ patients.

Behavioral Health for Adolescents and Adults – For patients with psychosocial needs, including self-identity issues, substance use and abuse, discrimination, and victimization.

Gastroenterology – We offer care for hepatitis B and C, as well as care for certain types of precancerous conditions, such as anal dysplasia.

Transition-Specific Services – Our caregivers are trained to provide gender affirmation care to transgender patients of all ages. The following services are offered:

  • Prescription of hormone therapy and surveillance.
  • Assistance with identification and gender marker changes.
  • Gender-affirming procedures and surgery.
  • Pediatric and adolescent care.

Male Urology – Culturally competent care for common urologic conditions.

Infectious Disease – Treatment for high-risk diseases including HIV, AIDS, STIs/STDs, and provision of disease prevention options such as PrEP.

Fertility – Evaluations and counseling are available for LGBTQ+ patients seeking fertility care.

Women’s Health and Gynecology

Routine gynecologic care including:

  • Pelvic examinations.
  • Management of chronic or acute gynecologic conditions.
  • Screenings for disease, including cancers of the reproductive organs.
Billing & Insurance

Billing & Insurance

Questions about Billing and Insurance?

We accept a number of insurance and contracted managed care plans at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus, regional hospitals and family health centers. Check with your health plan to confirm that Cleveland Clinic is included. For general information and a list of accepted insurance plans, go to Billing & Insurance.



Care You Need, Respect You Deserve

There’s no need to delay or avoid care for fear of discrimination or disapproval. The Center for LGBTQ+ Care offers the care you need and the respect you deserve.

Cleveland Clinic’s Center for LGBT+ Care is accepting LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ patients. No referral is necessary to make an appointment with our primary care providers.

Lakewood Family Health Center
14601 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Appointments: 216.237.5500

When calling, ask to make your appointment with the Center for LGBTQ+ Care.

Our Doctors

Our Doctors