What is Cleveland Clinic Hospice?

Cleveland Clinic Hospice prepares patients and families for the expected and the unexpected during the patient's last stage of life. Our professional, well-trained staff and volunteers provide compassionate care with an emphasis on symptom management and quality of life. By easing a family's responsibilities and providing comprehensive care for a seriously ill patient, hospice care can be a source of great comfort during a difficult time.

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What is hospice care?

Hospice takes a team approach in treating patients at home or in a home-like setting. It promotes a strong bond between the patient, their loved ones, and the health care providers, while addressing physical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual needs. The goal of hospice is simple: to allow the patient to live until they die, without the fear of dying in pain, dying alone, or losing control.

What is the mission of hospice?

Hospice care does not attempt to offer a cure for illness. Rather, it provides support to patients and families as they progress through one of life's most profound passages. The hospice care team, led by a nurse case manager, develops a plan best suited for the individual needs of each patient. In doing so, hospice care may include:

  • Management of care by a team of experienced professionals
  • Expertise in symptom management and pain control
  • Providing medical care to include medications, medical supplies and equipment
  • Teaching and support of caregiver regarding all aspects of care
  • Volunteer supportive visits to patients and families
  • Bereavement support

Hospice does not seek to prolong the life expectancy of a patient, nor to shorten it. The emphasis of hospice care is on providing comfort, not a cure; on the family, not just the patient; and on the quality of life, not its duration.

Most people choose to receive hospice care in their homes. However, if that is not possible, we can provide this care in many settings. Call us to find out more at 216.444.9819.

Who is eligible for hospice?

Cleveland Clinic Hospice serves people who live in the greater Cleveland area and surrounding counties, with networks throughout Ohio. Care is available to anyone regardless of age, diagnosis or reimbursement source who:

  • Has a terminal illness with a life expectancy of six months or less.
  • Is no longer undergoing curative treatment.
  • Has identified caregivers available (family, friends, group home or nursing facility) or, if able to provide self-care at the time of referral, arranges for future needs.
  • Accepts the principles of hospice care.
  • Has a primary physician who agrees with the hospice philosophy.

Who provides hospice care?

Our hospice team is comprised of a variety of talented professionals who offer their individual skills in caring for the total needs of the patient. The team typically includes the following professionals:

  • Medical director: a board-certified physician who provides medical services and oversees patient care
  • Nurse case manager: coordinates all care and is an expert in helping control pain and symptoms
  • Social worker: helps provide important emotional support, assistance with finances and coordination of available community services
  • Spiritual care: helps meet spiritual needs of patient
  • Home health aide: provides personal care for the patient
  • Hospice volunteer: a friend who offers a helpful hand

Range of services

  • Access to 24-hour, on-call services every day
  • Symptom management visits by physicians
  • An effective medical model with extensive physician involvement
  • Early intervention for pre-hospice, palliative, and home care services
  • Expressive therapies, including music and art therapy
  • Community-based volunteers
  • Counseling services for emotional and spiritual support
  • Bereavement support

Does insurance cover hospice care?

Coverage is provided by Medicare nationwide, Medicaid in most states, and by other private insurance providers. Insurance coverage assistance is provided for the patient's convenience.

Credentials, recognition and achievements

  • JCAHO Accredited
  • Medicare/Medicaid certified and licensed
  • Ohio Hospice Organization
  • National Hospice Organization
  • Ohio Cancer Pain Initiative

Call Cleveland Clinic Hospice for more information at 216.444.9819 or 800.263.0403.

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