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Employee Well-Being and Resiliency

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been an unprecedented event, disrupting our way of life and causing increased stress and anxiety for workers everywhere. Cleveland Clinic offers a variety of resources to help your employees cope with returning to work during this difficult time, including work-from-home guidance, emotional health support and tips for staying healthy.
Working From Home
Woman working from home in her kitchen

Working From Home

One of the many disruptions of the current pandemic is a shift to working from home. With the new work surroundings come new challenges: how to stay focused despite new distractions, set new boundaries and keep your nutrition in check.

From tips on healthy snacking in a home office to avoiding the workaholic trap, these guides will help employees adjust to their new work-from-home environment and maintain a healthy work-life balance in an uncertain time.

Managing Stress
Man running down empty street

Managing Stress

As the events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak unfold, it’s understandable that everyone feels anxiety and stress. Information is rapidly changing and can be confusing, even scary. While some workers may successfully manage their anxiety levels, the ongoing situation can be overwhelming for everyone.

These resources will help workers navigate the many new sources of stress and anxiety they’ll encounter. Plus, they’ll get practical advice on how to best manage their situations, from stress-induced migraines to tips for meditating and practicing mindfulness.

Staying Healthy
Healthy meal planning

Staying Healthy

While gyms remain closed in many areas due to the pandemic, there are still many ways for workers to stay in shape without leaving their homes. Both exercise and diet are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while dealing with the current circumstances.

Whether it’s how to establish a beneficial meal routine during this period of self-isolation or tips for getting the necessary amount of sleep, these articles will give workers helpful guidance on the do’s and don’ts of staying healthy.

Staying Relaxed
Woman sitting indian style in a yoga pose

Staying Relaxed

Mental health and mindfulness is a crucial element for workers’ health during the pandemic, helping maintain not just physical health but emotional health, too. Staying relaxed can help your workers stay focused and in a healthy frame of mind, despite the uncertainty everyone’s dealing with.

Besides offering guides on yoga and meditation, Cleveland Clinic also has instructional videos for those hoping to learn best practices for yoga, breathing exercises and other mindfulness activities.

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