Celebrate Sisterhood with Cleveland Clinic!

Welcome to Celebrate Sisterhood, a Cleveland Clinic program dedicated to educating, energizing and empowering women of color to embrace self-care.

We believe that women who care for their physical, mental and emotional health take charge of their destinies.

When you become a stronger healthcare advocate for yourself, your family and your community, you can create positive change in the world!

Understanding your unique health challenges

African American women are at greater risk for disease, disability and early death than women of any other race. Diabetes, asthma, hypertension and obesity are some of the challenges we face. We must meet them head-on.

Celebrate Sisterhood events will empower you to seek out health information, embrace healthy lifestyle choices, and get the care you need when a health problem first arises. We want you to recognize your strengths and build upon them. We call this self-care reform and it impacts physical, mental, psychological and community health.

A chance to connect with your community and make friends

You won’t be on this learning journey alone. Celebrate Sisterhood brings women of color together for fun, engaging, informative events. You’ll hear great messages from great speakers — from Cleveland Clinic and from the community. You’ll receive free health screenings and advice from registered dietitians, and learn where to get help if problems are detected. Our events also feature uplifting music and healthy food.

We invite you to browse our website for: