Working with healthcare teams to:

  • Provide quality and accessible health care to our patients
  • Continue our professional and personal development as Physician Assistants
  • Increase the awareness of the Physician Assistant profession at Cleveland Clinic


To offer the most professional and educational opportunities to PAs throughout the world.


By disseminating information, increasing communication and promoting educational activities for Continual Medical and Professional opportunities, the PAs of Cleveland Clinic are committed to providing affordable, and assessable quality health care to all patients.

Our Team


Executive Director

Ms. Pagel is the Executive Director of PA Services at the Cleveland Clinic Health System, and is responsible for the oversight, compliance, use and productivity of all PAs, ensuring they practice within a team-based model to promote and enhance patient access and care. She is a member of the Cleveland Clinic Physicians Health Committee. She serves as Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of General Medical Sciences Center for Medical Education at Case Western Reserve University and is the Clinical Director of Professional Development for the CWRU PA Program.

At the Cleveland Clinic, Pagel increased the PA population from 50 to over 560. She received multiple awards for her work within the PA profession. In spring of 2014 she was inducted into the Pi Alpha Honor Society for Physician Assistants.

Pagel began her career 38 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer, working with communities in the Philippines. She has worked in various medical disciplines, including CT surgery, family practice, psychiatry and addiction medicine. She presently volunteers with the county free clinic, providing much needed health care to members of the community.

Ms. Pagel sits on the American Academy of Physician Assistants Board of Directors as the President and Chair of the Board for the 2016/2017 fiscal year. She has held multiple appointed and elected positions within the organization and is a Distinguished Fellow of AAPA. She currently is a member of the AAPA finance committee, Internal Affairs, Executive Committee and the Collaboration for REMs Education team, which involves primary care, addiction medicine, and pain and hospice-palliative care specialty perspectives. She also is the Director of Governmental Affairs and the Chair of the pharmacology CME committee for the Ohio Association of Physician Assistants.

With more than 38 years of clinical experience and more than 30 years of administrative experience, Ms. Pagel has broad expertise in facilitating groups in organizational management, team building with inter-professional personnel and engagement.

As a former elected city council member of North Ridgeville, Ohio, Pagel represented her community on safety, building and lands, and administrative committees. She also ran for the Ohio House of Representatives. Pagel is a graduate of the Cuyahoga Community College Surgical PA program. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University and her master’s in PA studies, psychiatry and addiction medicine from the University of Nebraska. She is studying for her doctorate in divinity and metaphysical sciences. She is an avid gardener, and speaks to community groups on herbal gardening.

Kristin Homoki, MSHS, PA-C, AT-C, CPAAPA

Program Administrator

Kristin completed her Bachelors of Science in Physical Education at Kent State University where she minored in Athletic Training. Kristin completed her Masters of Science degree in Sports Behavior and Performance at Miami University where she was also captain of the Women’s Rugby Team. Upon graduation in 1998 Kristin started working as a Certified Athletic Trainer in a clinical/outreach capacity at various high schools in Ohio and Virginia.

After traveling across the country for several years with her husband, who was in the Air Force, and raising two children Kristin returned to PA school at Tri-C/CSU and graduated in 2010. Upon graduation she started working in the Plastic Surgery department at Cleveland Clinic. Kristin began working full-time at the Tri-C/CSU PA Program as the Academic Coordinator and Student Society Advisor in 2012, while continuing to work prn in Plastics. In 2014 she received the PA Student Mentor of the year award from SAAAPA.

Kristin began her role as the PA Program Administrator at Cleveland Clinic in late 2014 and takes care of all PA student-related issues, including matching for all CCHS clinical rotations, the annual PA Student Workshop, the monthly PA Student Forum, and chairs the PA Preceptor Council. Kristin has also recently taken on the role as PA Lead for the APRN/PA Transition to Practice Fellowship.

Outside of work Kristin has been actively involved with the OAPA as a regional representative and committee chair and has served Ohio at the AAPA House of Delegates and as a HOD Reference Committee member. Kristin is also a founding member of the Society of Early Career PAs. She spends much of her spare time with her family and volunteers as the Swimstrong Meet Director, Entry Chair, and a Delegate to the Lake Erie Swimming House of Delegates.

Autumn Blaylock, BA

Administrative Assistant II

Autumn joined PA Services in September 2014 as our Administrative Assistant. Autumn graduated from John Carroll University with a BA in Communications and a minor in Art History in 2011. In her free time, she likes to attend concerts, watch horror movies and collect vinyl records. You can often find her in the cramped seats at the Capitol Theatre, digging into ice cream at Sweet Moses or just browsing through Netflix at home on her couch. Autumn is also an avid reader and enjoys researching natural and organic products and foods.

Marie Hoppert

Department Coordinator

Marie has been with the Physician Assistant Services department since April 2010 working as the Department Coordinator. Her main responsibility is to process the paperwork for incoming Physician Assistant students as they prepare to start their rotations. She joins the Clinic after 13 years at John Carroll University in Admissions. She also has been an Avon representative, achieving President Club status, for 24 years.

PA Practice & Licensure

PA Practice & Licensure

PAs are governed by the State Medical Board of Ohio, 4730 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Below are links to the OSMB, PA Formulary, and Rules.

Resources & Links Awards


Distinguished PA Award

In 2007, a small group of PAs organized a PA Night Out and awarded the Director of PA Services with the Distinguished PA Award. The Distinguished PA Award is given to a PA for outstanding service and dedication towards promoting the ideals of the PA profession. This is a peer recognized award. PA’s recognizing another PA. Since 2007, PA services has continued this tradition and has awarded a Distinguish PA Award annually at the PA NIGHT OUT event.

The following PAs are recipients of this prestigious award:


Shining Stars

  • Christian Chiarelli PA-C: Florida/ORI
  • Ann Vetter PA-C: Avon
  • Buel Hall PA-C: HO/AI
  • Malissa Ayers PA-C: Mellen Center
  • Alexandra (Ali) Nasr PA-C: Employee clinic
  • Sara Castilano PA-C: ESI
  • Jenna Yoder PA-C: ESI
  • Robert Dolinga PA-C (Glickman)
  • Kathy Hogan PA-C (RI)
  • Deborah Baynes PA-C Breast Center
  • Karla Pearson PA-C :RI

Manager of the Year

  • Karen George PA-C and Candace Beury PA-C : ONE PACC

PA Team

  • Colorectal Team: DDI
  • Bethany Bandi PA-C
  • Brittany Leano PA-C
  • Kaitlin Armagno PA-C

PA Department

  • Inpatient Neurosurgery & Neurology Department
  • Steve Collier NP
  • Kate Easley PA-C
  • Stacy Erney NP
  • Rob Estridge PA-C
  • Cameron Hall PA-C
  • Lindsay Hull PA-C
  • Geeta Kulkarni PA-C
  • Denice Limbert PA-C
  • Sukhdeep Reen PA-C
  • Louise Sebazungu NP
  • Andrew Shifflett PA-C
  • Nicole Smith PA-C

PA – Physician Team Award

  • Korky Davis PA-C and Dr. Kenneth Greene: ORI / Medina

Educator of the Year Award

  • Dr. Hadley Wood: Glickman Urological Institute

PA Champion Award

  • Dr. Edward Sabanegh, Associate Chief of Staff, Chairman, Urology


Shining Star Award

  • Erin Anderson PA-C
  • Michelle Thompson PA-C
  • Kieran Coughlin PA-C
  • Ryan Plescia PA-C
  • Dan Basinski PA-C
  • Bridget Dolan PA-C
  • Jereme Mellenthin PA-C
  • Nathan Astaneh PA-C
  • Katie Dunlap PA-C

Outstanding PA Department
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Center for Spine Health

  • Al Melillo PA-C
  • James Bowen PA-C
  • Marina Gritsik PA-C
  • Jill Sciko PA-C
  • John Sternen PA-C
  • Andrea Tindell PA-C
  • Erin Anderson PA-C
  • Karen Bond PA-C
  • David Harrison PA-C

PA Manager of the year
“Lead, follow, or get out of the way”

  • Lynn Pagliaccio PA-C

Outstanding PA TEAM:
“Teamwork divides the task and double the success”

Hillcrest Trauma Team

  • Leah Barmasse PA-C
  • Jeannine Marong PA-C
  • Ellen Niemiec PA-C
  • Uliana Sklaruk PA-C
  • Sarah Sloop PA-C
  • Luke Kolic CNP
  • Emily Poole CNP

Student of Promise:

  • Mary Massiello PA-S

Outstanding PA – Physician TEAMS ( 2 PA/MD awards this year)

  • Geeta Kulkarni PA-C
  • Bo Shen M.D.
  • Michael Moyer PA-C
  • Glenn Meden M.D.

PA Educator of the year
“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”

  • Terry D’alessandro PA-C

PA Preceptor of the year
“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

  • Dr. Richard Guttman Jr. (General Surgery; Wooster)

PA Champion Award for 2015
“In special recognition for his enduring support and advocacy of the PA Profession”

  • Dr. Bradford Borden (Emergency Services)


Shining Stars

  • Bridget Mansell PA-C
  • Raisa Polacek PA-C
  • Brianna Armbrecht PA-C
  • Al Melillo PA-C
  • David Harrison PA-C
  • Joe Keller PA-C
  • Chad Gady PA-C
  • Jim Gaidelis PA-C
  • Candace Beury PA-C
  • Melanie Hathaway PA-C
  • Tina Ellison PA-C
  • Molly Kalejs PA-C
  • Sal Bordonaro PA-C
  • Larry Kovalcik PA-C

PA Manager of the Year

  • Pam Koeth PA-C

Outstanding PA/MD Team

  • Oksana Chesterfield PA-C and Dr. James Gutierrez

Educator of the Year

  • Yosef Robbins PA-C 

Preceptor of the Year

  • Hilary Petersen PA-C 

Outstanding Team
Lakewood Surgical PA Team

  • James Thomas PA-C
  • Eileen Morris PA-C
  • Laura Blesse PA-C
  • Karen Roane PA-C
  • Abby Goldberg PA-C
  • Ann Vetter PA-C

Outstanding PA Department
Desk J1-5 Imaging Section

  • Ryan Phile PA-C
  • Chris Cifranic PA-C
  • Terri Mitri PA-C
  • Yosef Robbins PA-C

PA Champion Award

  • Dr. Joseph Hahn


Shining Stars

  • Nicolette Critelli
  • Yosef Robbins
  • Alison Kocis
  • Melissa Pischl
  • Jensen Lewis
  • Jennifer Ogorzolka
  • Kaitlyn Roseman
  • Denise Scotch
  • Diane Nicolay
  • Staphanie Clement
  • Nicole Smith
  • Kristy Olivo
  • Houshang Sanaii
  • Christian Chiarelli (Florida)

Outstanding PA Team
Euclid hospital PAs

  • Andrew Proctor
  • Sarah Sloop
  • Anne Tesar
  • Heather Kellerman
  • Karin Danklfsen
  • Eileen Parker
  • Chritine Love
  • Dan Sell

Outstanding PA Department
Respiratory PA team

  • Pat Curtis
  • Howard Christie
  • Karla Pearson
  • Hilary Petersen
  • Kathy Hogan
  • Teresa D’Alessandro
  • Cheryl Katavich
  • Mike Moyer
  • Brian Dlugos
  • Joseph Keller
  • Nika Pierre-Louis
  • Harrison Reed
  • Molly Kalejs
  • Susan Synderburn
  • Siham Jaouad

Outstanding PA/Physician team

  • Dr. Harry Lever and Terri Mitri PA-C

Outstanding Preceptor

  • James Thomas PA-C

Distinguished PA Award

  • JP Thompson

The Gratitude Award

  • Dr. Steve Blaha

Outstanding Educator Award

  • Don Zabriskie, B Pharm, MBA, RPh


Shining Stars

  • Robert Dolinga
  • Robert Davis
  • Jensen Lewis
  • Ruth Sager
  • Desiree Carcioppolo
  • James Nahrstedt
  • Bernadette Bogner
  • Michelle McGinty
  • John Ozinga
  • Stephanie Clement

Outstanding PA Department
Gastroenterology inpt

  • Ryan Adler
  • Karen Kirkwood
  • Caleigh Maple
  • Jeannine Marong

Outstanding PA/Physician Team

  • Kristen Banjac PA-C
  • James Rosneck MD

Distinguished PA Award

  • Nancy Ivansek

The Gratitude Award

  • Dr. Toby Cosgrove


Shining Stars

  • Judy Lewis
  • Al Melillo
  • Bridget Mansell
  • Andrew Proctor
  • Mary Bauer
  • Michelle Murray
  • Athena Loughrin 

Outstanding PA Team Award 
Emergency Services

  • Lynn Pagliaccio
  • Laurie Adkins
  • Nicollette Critelli
  • Misty Garcia
  • Mallory Hampton
  • Angela Parente
  • Kinjal Patel
  • Pamela Perozeni
  • Jennifer Sample
  • Paramjit Singh
  • Dale Turley

Outstanding PA Department 
Lorain PAT

  • Patricia Hirkala
  • Candace Beury
  • Maureen Gwynn
  • Lisa Hegemier
  • Miles Nelson

Distinguished PA Award

  • Howard Christie

The Gratitude Award

  • Dr. Brian Bolwell


Outstanding PA/Physician team

  • Dr. Peter Brooks
  • Phil Golnick PA-C

Outstanding PA Department
The Sports Health PA department

  • Jen Ogorzolka
  • Pam Koeth
  • Julia Brasfield
  • Jim Cribbins
  • Leah Schmitz
  • Kristen Banjac
  • Kieran Coughlin

Shining Stars

  • Susan Moyer
  • Kristy Olivo
  • Nancy Ivansek
  • Kathy Kraus

Distinguished PA Award

  • Jean Metz


Outstanding PA/Physician team

  • Jennifer Ferreira PA-C
  • Dr. Leonardo Kapural

Shining Stars

  • Angela Parente
  • Howard Christie
  • John Neff
  • Anita Brumbaugh
  • Kathleen Hogan

Distinguished PA Award

  • Mary Hughes

The Gratitude Award

  • Cindy Hundorfean


Outstanding PA Department
Bone Marrow Transplant

  • Joe Kohuth
  • Siham Jaqoud
  • Shannon Jarancik
  • Vanessa Farrow

Outstanding PA/Physician Team

  • Jennifer Hartment PA-C
  • Dr. Robert Fox/Dr. Alex Rae-Grant

Shining Stars

  • Joe Kohuth
  • Dale Turley
  • Ron Ochoa
  • John Renkosik
  • Stephanie Mytrosevich
  • Debbie Kangisser
  • Kiane Szalkowski

Distinguished PA Award

  • Pat Curtis


Distinguished PA Award

  • Josanne Pagel