At Cleveland Clinic, it is our obligation to give back to the communities we call home. Our neighbors are our extended family. We cannot succeed unless those around us also do well. We're proud to announce that in 2021, in a difficult economic environment for healthcare, the Cleveland Clinic Health System provided $1.22 billion in benefit to the communities where we operate in Ohio, Florida and Nevada.

We serve our communities in many ways: by working to improve public health; by recruiting, training and hiring local people; by investing in neighborhood development projects; by contracting with diverse suppliers; by subsidizing the cost of healthcare for those in need; by educating future caregivers; and by funding medical research that will save lives. All of those activities are important, but we are especially focused on helping the most vulnerable among us. We continue to work with our community partners to eliminate dangerous lead in homes, reduce infant deaths, curb the prescribing of opioid drugs, provide affordable housing, and improve access to healthy food, preventive care, and mental health and substance abuse services.

The Community Benefit provided by Cleveland Clinic is far-reaching, from providing accessible healthcare, to educating the next generation of healthcare professionals, funding medical research that leads to advanced treatments and cures, and supporting community health initiatives.

Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

The Cleveland Clinic health system completed comprehensive community health needs assessments (CHNAs), which included all communities surrounding the system’s hospitals and family health centers. The goals of these assessments were to identify and evaluate health-related needs in the communities Cleveland Clinic serves and to use this information to fulfill our mission.