1. Change your bandages every day starting tomorrow. Leave today’s bandage on until AFTER your shower. Keep the bandages on while you shower. Change them once a day until a scab forms.
  2. You may take showers, but DO NOT take tub baths, go in hot tubs or go swimming for seven days after the procedure.
  3. You may use Bacitracin or Polysporin® ointment on the wounds as needed.
  4. If a scab forms at the biopsy site, leave it alone.
  5. If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure for two minutes with a clean piece of gauze.


Please contact us immediately if there is any redness, any signs of infection, or significant bleeding at the biopsy site.

During regular office hours, please call our office at 216.444.5353.

On weekends, please call 216.444.2200 and ask for the neurology resident on call.

Make sure to say that you had a recent skin biopsy when you call.

Thank you for agreeing to have your biopsy with us.

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