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Executive Health Exam

The Executive Health Experience in Cleveland

Cleveland Clinic Executive Health Physical Examinations are tailored to meet your needs. This comprehensive evaluation may include the following, but is customized for you:

  • Detailed history and physical examination to assess your overall physical health
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests including: 
    • A complete blood count
    • Cholesterol and lipid profile and test for CRP and other atherosclerosis markers to determine your risk for heart attack and stroke
    • Urinalysis and blood chemistries to detect diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, liver disease, kidney disease
    • PSA (prostate-specific antigen) for at-risk males
    • Levels of testosterone
    • A check of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and iron levels
  • Complete cardiac health evaluation including:
    • Resting electrocardiogram (EKG) to uncover serious heart problems that are treatable when detected early
    • Cardiac stress test to screen for unrecognized coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms
    • BpTru™ blood pressure readings for more accurate blood pressure measurement
    • Non-invasive vascular screening to assess carotid arteries, aorta and circulation in the extremities
    • Calcium scoring of coronary arteries to determine the risk for presence of coronary artery disease
  • Visual health evaluation that includes: 
    • Fundus photography to reveal abnormalities related to diabetes, high blood pressure or other problems that threaten vision
    • Visual acuity test
    • Tonometry to screen for glaucoma
  • Auditory health evaluation that assesses your hearing along with recommendations for hearing preservation or hearing amplification
  • Pulmonary health evaluation that includes:
    • Spirometry to detect emphysema, bronchitis, asthma and other airway problems
    • Chest X-ray to detect nodules, inflammation, hardening of the body's main artery (aorta) or thickening of the lining covering the lungs
  • Vaccinations, reviewed and administered as needed
  • Bone densitometry to determine your risk of bone fractures
  • Weight, fitness and stress evaluation including:
    • Nutrition consultation and body composition test
    • Fitness consultation
    • Personal and executive mental health coaching to show you how to manage your response to stress and achieve a fulfilling, balanced life

Additional Services

Our Executive Health Physical Examinations offer the following options in addition to our standard comprehensive examination, at additional cost. (Extra evaluations may require an extended stay)

  • Personalized genetic healthcare services
  • CT angiography to determine whether plaque is present within the coronary arteries of the heart
  • Total body CT scan to help identify potential problems and diseases before symptoms appear
  • Dermatology consultation to check for skin cancer and to examine rashes, moles and other lesions
  • Cosmetic surgery consultations
  • Ophthalmology consultations and/ or refractive services for eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Low-dose radiation chest CT to screen for lung cancer in present and former smokers

Several weeks prior to your exam

Prior to your Executive Health appointment, you will receive a packet by mail containing an in-depth health questionnaire and driving directions.

Please complete the questionnaire and fax it to 216.445.2144 as soon as possible. The information will be used to schedule appropriate appointments.

A registered nurse will call you to review your schedule and explain the tests that have been scheduled during your visit. You will be given instructions for any dietary or activity restrictions that will be necessary.

The day before your exam

Begin following any special instructions you have been given.

For example you may be advised to fast after 10 p.m., avoid caffeine or refrain from exercising.

On your appointment day

What to bring:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Shorts for stress test, if desired
  • Sweater or pullover (optional)
  • PDAs, laptops and cell phones (allowed in the lounge between appointments)

What is provided:

  • Active wear for your comfort throughout the day (yours to keep)
  • Locker to store valuables
  • Shower and dressing facilities
  • Folder to store your health information
  • Light, healthy refreshments

Please park using the valet in front of the Crile Building on East 100th street. You will be given a voucher to pay for your parking when you leave.

Your day will begin on the first floor of the Crile (A) Building at the Executive Health registration desk. Throughout the day, you may visit practitioners on various floors of the A building, depending upon which tests have been prescribed. After each consultation or test, please return to the Executive Health reception desk, where the attendant will direct you to your next location at the appropriate time.

At the end of the day

Your Executive Health physician will review available test results with you and provide you with a comprehensive overview of your health. Within two weeks, you will receive a comprehensive report by mail. This report will include all medical findings and test results, as well as recommendations for addressing potential problems and developing effective strategies for healthy living.

How much does an Executive Health Physical cost?

Costs depend on which screening tests are needed, as well as which program you choose. Discounts are available to companies based on the number of executives who participate in the program.  Cost can vary based on the individual’s choices and needs. Services can be determined by both the patient’s needs and doctor recommendations. To request additional information about the cost of the program, please contact us at 866.382.8611 or email

Is the Executive Health Program covered by insurance?

Many insurance carriers only cover a very small portion of Executive Health services. There are portions of the Executive Health Program which are not billable to insurance and are directed billed to the patient. Those services, which are billable, may be submitted to the insurance company by Cleveland Clinic. Any portion of the service that is not covered by the insurance carrier becomes the responsibility of the patient. Charges for the Executive Health program not submitted to insurance are eligible for discounts. For more information, please call our Financial Counselor at 216.442.1231. 

Are corporate discounts available?

Yes. Corporate discounts are based on the number of executives from a company who participate in the Executive Health Program. Contact Cleveland Clinic’s Corporate Health Program at 216.986.1230 for more information.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

Generally, you can schedule an executive health physical within four to six weeks of your call.

How long is the physical?

The standard Executive Health exam takes approximately six to eight hours, so plan on a full day. If you checkup requires a colonoscopy, this much be done on separate day. Optional services such as a full body scan, consultation with a dentist, carotid artery ultrasound, calcium-score screening or CT/angiogram of the coronary arteries may require an extended stay.

Will my primary care physician get the results of my exam?

Results from the Executive Health Program can be sent to any physician who is involved in your care. If you reside in northeast Ohio and need a primary care physician, the physicians in the Executive Health Program can refer to you a Cleveland Clinic primary care practitioner.

Can my group be scheduled all on the same day?

Yes. Four Cleveland Clinic physicians perform Executive Health examinations. Groups as large as ten can be accommodated on the same day with appropriate, advanced scheduling.

Where can I stay when I’m in Cleveland?

Two hotels are located on Cleveland Clinic’s campus.