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Becoming a Patient

Is reconstructive transplantation an option?

Reconstructive transplantation is reserved for those patients in whom conventional plastic and reconstructive surgery is insufficient to produce acceptable results.  Potential patients are those who have suffered massive loss of complex tissue, including hands, faces, abdominal walls and larynx, where prosthesis is either unavailable or insufficient to restore physical integrity and function.  Reconstructive transplantation offers the possibility of restoring natural function to these patients, allowing them to regain daily living independence.

Becoming a Reconstructive Transplantation patient

Patients interested in being considered for reconstructive transplantation at Cleveland Clinic are carefully screened for psychological health, family support, understanding of complications and medication compliance. 

  • Patients must be healthy enough to tolerate surgery and the extensive immunosuppression therapy required after surgery to prevent rejection.
  • Patients must undergo extensive psychiatric evaluation to ensure their mental stability and ability to handle the treatment and recovery from transplantation.
  • Patients are required to show a sufficient social support network to cope with the stress and possible complications of transplantation.
  • Patients with a previous history of cardiovascular disease or cancer may not be eligible due to an increased risk of complications and recurrence from immunosuppression therapy.