The Neuromuscular Center, headed by Dr. Yuebing Li since 2021, provides diagnosis and management as well as various research studies for hundreds of patients annually with ALS, MG, CIDP, MMN IMNM, polyneuropathies and autonomic disorders from Ohio and elsewhere. An average of 6 patients are newly diagnosed with a MND weekly at the Cleveland Clinic Neuromuscular Center, and approximately 350 ALS patients are provided ongoing care at any one time, primarily in the Cleveland Clinic ALS/MND Team Clinic (an ALS Association Center of Excellence), directed by Dr. Rebecca M Kuenzler. A total of 1300 patients with MG, 400 patients with CIDP and 400 patients with IMNM have received care at our Neuromuscular Center during the last ten years. Present research efforts are aimed at testing potential clinical therapies, characterizing the natural history of disease through data analyses, identifying genetic and environmental factors predisposing disease development. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the diagnosis and management of neuromuscular disorders is being explored.

Contact person:

Yuebing Li MD PhD


Massachusetts General Hospital/Calico Life Sciences, LLC
Janssen Research & Development, LLC
Immunovant Sciences GmbH



(in past 2 years)

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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations

Cleveland Clinic

  • Nirmal Andrapalliyal, MD
  • David Bruckman, MS
  • Benjamin Claytor, MD
  • Stephen Jones, MD PhD
  • Feng Lin, PhD
  • John Morren, MD
  • David Polston, MD
  • Danielle Richards, MD
  • Nimish Thakore, MD

External Relationships and Collaborations

  • Michael Hehir, MD
  • Ikjae Lee, MD
  • Nicholas Silverstri, MD