For more than 20 years Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism has been committed to offering world-class service to patients and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. Cleveland Clinic Children’s has developed a model of service and intervention for children and families including an intensive day treatment program, a full service multidisciplinary diagnostic clinic, a community-integrated outreach program, a national and international program development  consultation division and an intensive research program focused on applied and clinical research in the study of autism and autism spectrum related disorders.

Over the last 10 years, in addition to the location headquartered in Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Autism Development Solutions has assisted other independent healthcare and educational organizations in developing comprehensive autism treatment centers, utilizing the Cleveland Clinic Children’s intervention model, throughout the United States, with locations in Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Washington, DC and Ohio.

Autism has been part of the pediatric community for more than 50 years. With clinical and behavioral advances, autism is now perceived as a treatable medical condition.

More than 192 children are diagnosed with autism in the United States each day. According to current research from the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in every 54 children born today will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The annual cost of treating and caring for individuals with autism is $268 billion. In 10 years, the annual cost is estimated to increase to $461 billion.

Cleveland Clinic Children’s Autism Development Solutions (CCCADS) provides essential services from consulting on an as-needed basis, to on-the-ground assistance in the development and execution of a full business plan for your autism treatment program. CCCADS provides the total framework for large-scale facility and clinical program development – from designing full-service treatment centers; staff development; creation of individualized patient treatment plans; establishing necessary policies & procedures as well as full organizational processes for a center’s daily operation; to providing opportunities for research collaboration across a global network of Cleveland Clinic Children’s model licensed affiliates and/or mirror-treatment centers.

Unlike other consultations in autism treatment, CCCADS provides an end-to-end solution. CCCADS offers all levels of assistance in helping your organization grow your service delivery options and produce a fully-functional treatment program for patients and families affected by autism within their own community. CCCADS provides essential services that can be tailored to fit your specific healthcare or educational organization’s individual needs. Specialized consulting programs and services include:

  • Speech/Language and Communication Assessment and Treatment: Integrates applied behavior analysis with speech/language development science to create a powerful intervention tool for your organization.
  • Parent Training Series: Creates a partnership in treatment between your institution’s staff and the family members or caregivers who will continue interventions at home.
  • Staff Immersion Training: Ranging in topics from the foundations of understanding autism and applied behavior analysis to participation in lectures shared at medical grand rounds; all conducted while immersed within our Cleveland Clinic Children’s program site in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Training the Trainer Model: Geared toward directors and clinical managers within your setting.
  • Advanced Telehealth Support: For meetings and live real-time video consultation of clinical treatment for children with autism.
  • Facility Design: Expert specialized consultation on design elements for your autism treatment center.

More information

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