Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatric cardiologists provide comprehensive care and treatment for children, teens and young adults diagnosed with congenital and acquired heart defects. Our team also identifies congenital heart problems for babies still in the womb and can help prepare parents for the baby’s treatment while in utero and after their birth.

If a patient requires surgery, we work closely with the pediatric & congenital heart surgery team.

What is a congenital heart defect?

If a child is born with a heart defect (congenital), the heart is not working properly, usually because there is something wrong with the valves or the blood vessels around the heart.

Congenital heart defects can be simple or complex. Many children who are born with heart defects do not need treatment. In these cases, the defects are mild or they simply correct on their own.

Symptoms of pediatric congenital heart disease

Often, there are no symptoms associated with these defects. They are usually found during routine physical examinations. In cases where there are symptoms, they may include:

  • Bluish tones to the skin (cyanosis).
  • Poor eating habits.
  • Fatigue (tiredness).
  • Swelling in the abdomen or around the eyes.
  • Rapid heartbeat.

Complex heart care our team specializes in:

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