Become a Caregiver

As Tuscarawas County’s largest employer, Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital is constantly looking for new caregivers who will join us in our commitment to provide compassionate, quality healthcare.

For physician opportunities and questions, please contact:

Donna Regula
Physician Recruiter

Union Hospital offers a number of programs to students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.



If you are a high school student and would like an up-close look at careers available in the healthcare field at Union Hospital, then UH TECH Career Program is for you!

The annual program is held January through April on Saturday mornings at Union Hospital, 8:45 a.m. - noon. Each event will feature a different career opportunity and students will rotate through activities in small groups.

Check back soon for our 2019 schedule.

For questions, contact:

Holly Hillyer
Chairman of UH TECH
Development and Community Relations Coordinator

Nursing Career Exploration

Nursing Career Exploration

This program is offered monthly during the school year, September through April, meeting one Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon at Union Hospital.

A Community Health and Wellness Registered Nurse will meet the students at the Information Desk near the Main Entrance. She will guide students to a number of nursing departments in the hospital for observation and basic hands-on activities, including: Cardiology, Education, Emergency, Maternity and Inpatient Rehabilitation. After the tour, lunch is provided and there will be a question and answer session.

Students who attend are invited to join with others interested in a nursing career to visit the KSU Tuscarawas School of Nursing to meet the faculty and learn more about nursing education. The KSU visits are made in December and April.

Each program is limited to eight students and these events fill quickly.

For questions, contact:

Community Relations Department

Michelle Gooding BSN, RN

Student Observation

Student Observation

Student Observation Opportunities

Many departments welcome student observers to fulfill job shadow, internship or mentoring requirements. Opportunities range from a few hours to a few days. Issues of Infection Control (health risks to patients and visitors) and HIPAA Patient Privacy (patient confidentiality) laws will limit what observers can see and experience.

Please note that these programs are not for students in post-secondary or training programs that require clinical training or extended observation in a hospital as part of the curriculum.

Hospital policy permits observation of:

  1. Hospital Departments by students age 16 and older.
  2. A Credentialed Professional (physician, nurse practitioner, CRNA) either in the hospital or in a hospital-owned physician practice by students age 18 and older

Physician/CNP/CRNA Observation

Students wishing to observe any Credentialed Professional at Union Hospital or in a hospital-owned physician practice are urged to first make a personal contact with that professional and discuss it with them. Whether it's your personal doctor, a family friend, or another professional with which you have contact, it's best to use that contact to ask them about observing in their office or in Union Hospital.

Observers must be at least 18 years of age and enrolled in high school or a post-secondary institution to observe a Credentialed Professional at Union Hospital or in a UH-owned physician practice.

Once you have the professional's approval to observe, and if that observation will be in Union Hospital or in a Union Hospital Physician Services office, then please contact the Union Hospital Office of Community Relations at 330.364.0884 or information@unionhospital.org. This office will send the observer the required paperwork and instructions. Please allow four weeks in advance of the observation date to enable all steps to be completed as required.

Observation is NOT permitted in Operating Rooms and Endoscopy, Emergency Department, ICU, Labor and Delivery rooms, Interventional Radiology, isolation rooms, and any other area deemed inappropriate by the Director/Manager of the patient care area.

Observation in a Hospital Department

Step One

It is up to YOU to contact the hospital department you wish to observe. Scroll down to see the list of departments that host student observers. This is an important call because you need to decide if the observation experience the department can offer will meet your expectations. You will also discuss the exact day(s) and time(s) for your observation experience.

Contact the Department at least two weeks in advance of when you wish to observe. Please be flexible when calling to arrange the day and time of your observation.

When calling a department to arrange for a student observation, be sure you write down this important information:

  • Department name and name of the person to whom you spoke
  • Date(s) and time(s) that you will come to UH to observe
  • Where you should park or be dropped off
  • Where to enter the hospital
  • What to wear
  • Any other important information

Step Two

When you have arranged your observation visit, contact Holly in the Community Relations office at hollyh@unionhospital.org.  She will email you the necessary paperwork with instructions to be completed prior to starting your observation.

Reminder: Hospital dress code does not permit jeans or denim clothing, shorts, sandals, tank tops, warm-ups, t-shirts (unless UH logo) or hoodies.

Print and complete the paperwork and bring it with you to the hospital on the day of your visit. Give the paperwork to your department host. If anything is missing or incomplete, you will not be permitted to continue the observation.

For questions, contact:

Community Relations Department

Departments Offering Student Observation

It is the student's responsibility to first contact the department they wish to observe. Call or email the person listed to discuss your observation wishes.

Important: Departments have limits on student observers. Not all requests for observation can be fulfilled.


What: Observe staff perform duties
Length: Half-day
Contact: Betty Mann, RN
330.343-3311 ext. 2533

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

What: Observe staff perform duties
Length: Half-day
Contact: Rhonda Karl, RN

Health Information Management/Medical Records

What: Observe HIM staff performing department tasks
Length: 2-4 hours
Contact: Bonnie Andrews

Information Technologies (IT)

What: Observe IT staff in management of computer systems, networks and equipment
Contact: Dave Baumgardner


What: Observation is available within the Laboratory and with Phlebotomists who draw blood in the Outpatient Lab and from inpatients
Length: 2-4 hours
Contact: Cary Baird

Nutrition Services – Dietitian

What: Observe with a dietitian or the clinical nutrition manager
Length: Several hours
Contact: Ashley Addessi
330.343.3311 ext. 2168

Patient Financial Services

What: Observe staff working in the business office billing patients and insurance companies for hospital services
Length: Several hours up to a full day
Contacts: Rian Pierce
330.343.3311, ext. 6440
April Lewis
330.343-3311 ext. 6448


What: Observe Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists and other staff, depending on interests
Length: Up to 8 hours
Contact: Cathy Wiggs

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

What: Observe therapists at the UH Healthplex
Length: Range from several hours to several days, depending on student interest and staff availability
Contact: Daryl Adelman
330.343.3311 ext. 2369

Radiology – X-ray

What: Observe a tech
Length: Several hours up to a full day
Contact: Ammie Katicich
330.343.3311, ext. 2542

Respiratory Care

What: Observe as staff perform duties
Length: 2-4 hours
Contact: Allen Corbett
330.343.3311, ext. 2536

Vascular Laboratory

What: Observe as staff perform duties
Length: 2-4 hours
Contact: Mark Lancaster