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How to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Keeping up with your boosters (or deciding to get your first vaccine if you've never gotten one) is critical to keeping COVID at bay.

Where Can I Get My COVID-19 Vaccine or Booster?

You or your child can easily get your vaccine or booster at:

  • Your primary care physician or pediatrician's next appointment. If you don't have any upcoming appointments, just call for a nurse visit to get your vaccine.
  • Select Cleveland Clinic pharmacies. Vaccine appointments are available in MyChart for our Avon, Beachwood, Cleveland Clinic main campus and Strongsville pharmacies in Ohio, and for our Weston pharmacy in Florida..
  • Not a Cleveland Clinic patient? You can get your vaccine at a local pharmacy or health department. To find locations, visit or call the CDC at 800.232.0233.

Who Needs a COVID-19 Booster?

Studies show that COVID-19 vaccine protection decreases over time. Boosters offer extra protection, especially against severe illness that can lead to a hospital stay or even dying from the virus.

Here's who the CDC recommends should get a booster:

  • Children ages 6 months to 4 years who completed their primary Moderna series.
  • Everyone ages 5+ who completed their primary series.
  • If you're immunocompromised, extra doses can give added protection.

Not sure if you're eligible for a booster? Check with your primary care physician.

Can I Still Get a COVID-19 Vaccine for the First Time?

Yes! Everyone ages 6 months+ can now get the COVID-19 vaccine. If you were on the fence before, we still encourage everyone to get vaccinated to protect themselves, those around them and your community.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

Yes. We strongly encourage everyone is who eligible (6 months and up) to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself, your child, other family members and your community from COVID-19.

If I've had COVID-19, should I get vaccinated anyway?

We still recommend that you get the vaccine even if you’ve had COVID-19. But you may consider waiting 90 days after getting infected. That's because it’s not common to get COVID-19 again within three months.

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