We are the premier institution for hip and knee surgery across South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Our surgeons specialize in advanced and complex surgeries, including multiple techniques for joint replacements. We have all the specialists you need, including orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, physical therapists and radiologists in one convenient setting.

Why choose Cleveland Clinic in Florida?

When you choose Cleveland Clinic in Florida for hip and knee surgery, you benefit from:

  • A wide range of advanced surgeries: Our orthopaedic surgeons perform the full range of hip and knee surgeries, ranging from arthroscopy to total joint replacements. We use advanced techniques that lead to better outcomes. For example, we are one of the only places in the region offering direct anterior hip replacements. This unique approach involves smaller incisions and almost no muscle cutting, leading to reduced pain, quicker recovery and same-day discharge.
  • Expertise in revision surgeries: Total joint replacements are among the most common elective surgeries in the U.S. Many patients who undergo a joint replacement will eventually outlive their implants and require revision surgeries. As a referral center for failed implants, Cleveland Clinic in Florida’s Orthopaedic and Rheumatologic Institute is staffed with surgeons who have extensive training and experience in revision and robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery.
  • Optimized recovery: We collaborate closely with multiple specialists to ensure you recover well after surgery. For example, you may work with our rehabilitation and sports therapy team to participate in prehabilitation. With prehab, you complete physical therapy to increase strength before your hip or knee replacement. Prehab leads to shorter recovery times and improved function.
  • Recognized excellence: Our knee and hip surgeons have achieved recognition for their world-class care. Several of our locations have designations for excellence in knee and hip surgery. For example, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health is a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip replacement with Florida Blue. Cleveland Clinic Martin Health and Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital are regionally and nationally recognized for their expertise and care.

Awards & Recognition

Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital Certifications

Weston Hospital
Blue Distinction® - Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Blue Distinction® Center+ for Knee and Hip Replacement

Martin Health
Gold Seal of Approval® - The Joint Commission
Disease Specific Care Certification for TJR for Hips and Knees
Disease Specific Care Certification for Hip Fracture Care
Blue Distinction® - Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Blue Distinction® Center for Knee and Hip Replacement

Indian River Hospital
Blue Distinction® - Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Blue Distinction® Center+ for Knee and Hip Replacement

Hip & Knee Pain

Hip & Knee Pain

The pain experienced as a result of hip and knee injuries can vary from infected joint replacements to severe bone deficiencies. Our surgeons utilize the most innovative joint replacement methods. Cleveland Clinic in Florida orthopaedic surgeons perform thousands of hip and knee procedures each year with successful outcomes for our patients. Our surgical team specializes in primary, complex and revision joint replacements, minimally invasive partial joint replacements, hip resurfacing and advanced arthroscopic techniques.

Cleveland Clinic in Florida is one of the only hospitals in the region to offer minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement surgery, an advanced procedure involving no muscle cutting. The procedure spares any invasion into the large muscle or tendon groups around the hip and is usually done through a smaller incision.

Minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement surgery typically provides the following benefits:

  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Quicker recovery times.
  • Less pain and need for pain medications.
  • Less risk of dislocation and no need for postoperative restrictions in motion.
  • Use of assistive devices (walkers or canes) for shorter times (typically 7-10 days only).
What We Treat

What We Treat

We offer a broad range of treatment options and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools with decades of experience. Common conditions we treat include:

Hip and Knee Surgeries We Offer

We provide comprehensive surgical care for conditions causing long-term hip pain or knee pain. We use minimally invasive techniques as often as possible. These approaches lead to benefits such as:

  • Decreased need for pain medications.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Reduced pain.
  • Shorter hospital stays.

Some of the common procedures we use include:

Hip or knee arthroscopy

During arthroscopy, we view your knee or hip by inserting a small tool with a camera (arthroscope) through a tiny incision. Your surgeon may use arthroscopy to diagnose the cause of hip or knee pain. Or, your surgeon may use arthroscopy to treat synovitis, inflamed tissue around your joints, or other conditions such as:

Joint replacements

Our surgeons specialize in advanced and complex joint replacements, including:

  • Partial knee replacements, removing and replacing only one damaged portion (compartment) of the knee.
  • Joint resurfacing, shaving a small portion of your bone and capping it with a smooth metal covering.
    • Hip resurfacing, is a form of hip replacement surgery. It uses implants to ease hip pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis and other conditions. The implants take the place of damaged tissue and bone, allowing for more fluid movement. Men younger than 60 are the best candidates for hip resurfacing.
  • Minimally invasive joint replacements, replacing the hip or knee joint with prosthetic parts by operating with small tools through tiny incisions.
  • Direct anterior hip replacements, replacing the hip without making incisions in any large muscle or tendon groups.
  • Revision replacements, removing and replacing some or all of a prosthetic implant from a previous joint replacement surgery.

View the Patient Guide to Joint Replacement

Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Surgeons with the Orthopaedic and Rheumatologic Institute at Cleveland Clinic in Florida provide robotic-assisted joint replacements. These surgeries involve the use of a robotic arm to operate with more precision. An experienced orthopaedic surgeon guides the robot during surgery and operates with tiny surgical tools through a small incision.

Robotic hip and knee replacements allow us to create surgical plans unique to your anatomy. We can even perform virtual run-throughs (simulations) before surgery to ensure we use the best approach.

Robotic joint replacement surgery isn’t for everyone. You may be a candidate if you have persistent hip or knee pain from degenerative, post-traumatic or rheumatoid arthritis.

View the Patient Guide to Joint Replacement

Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing surgery is a bone-preserving procedure that was developed as an alternative to total hip arthroplasty (THA) for patients with end-stage degenerative hip osteoarthritis. While hip resurfacing may not be right for everyone, experienced surgeons with the Orthopaedic & Rheumatologic Institute at Cleveland Clinic in Florida will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

Hip resurfacing surgery is less invasive than total hip arthroplasty and requires removing only a few millimeters of bone from the femoral head, which is then covered with a metallic cap. This surgical technology provides patients with the unique benefit of returning to full, unrestricted activities after one year.

Learn more about hip resurfacing surgery.

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

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Appointments & Locations

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