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Communication Evaluations

After a pediatric patient has been diagnosed with any degree or severity of hearing loss (including unilateral/one ear or bilateral loss; from mild to profound), a Communication Evaluation can be scheduled.

Personnel with expertise in speech-language pathology and development, audiology, various sensory hearing technology (hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM/IR systems), auditory functioning, child development, and preschool and school-age support services -- are available to administer both formal and informal protocols and tests, in order to assess the patient’s communicative status. Test findings can be used to provide a baseline of the child’s auditory and spoken language status; and lead to recommendations for follow-up services as needed.

A comprehensive report will be completed which reviews the patient’s case history or background information; presents the test findings and informal observations made; and includes detailed recommendations for follow-up, which may include school-based recommendations for reasonable accommodations in the classroom.

Scheduling of Communication Evaluations (90 minutes) can be made at 216.445.7468. The completion of a Child Case History form is requested prior to the appointment or must be completed at the time of registration at Desk A-71 (Crile Building, 7th Floor, Head and Neck Institute).

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