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Gym Class Heroes


Gym Class Heroes is a small group for kids ages 9 and older who have overall decreased strength, limited endurance and low activity levels. This group will focus on overall whole body strengthening, endurance training and promote increased activity in their daily lives. The group will consist of strength training, stretching, yoga, aerobic activities, breathing techniques, conditioning and endurance activities. Many participants also attend Cleveland Clinic Be Well Kids Clinic. Be Well seeks to provide care in managing medical problems associated with being overweight. Along with teaching families' ways to improve quality of life and enhance wellness.

Pre- and post-assessments were obtained using the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency Second Edition as well as six-minute walk test measured in meters, and core strength according to Helen J Hislop and Jacqueline Montgomery’s Manual Muscle Testing Procedure. An increase in scaled score, distance and or core strength demonstrates improved gross motor skills. The average change in BOT scaled score is 0.43, the average change in 6-minute walk test was 36.48 meters and the average change in core strength was 0.56.

BOT Scaled Score

2021-2022 (N = 30)

6 Minute Walk Test

2021-2022 (N = 30)

Core Strength

2021-2022 (N = 30)