Pediatric Therapy Services

Pediatric Therapy Services: Young Artists

Young Artists is an 8-week art group facilitated by Occupational Therapists for elementary age children. Each session is 1-hour long and focuses on educating children about a particular famous artist and then recreating one of their famous works of art. Children will have the opportunity to develop their fine motor, leisure and social skills throughout participation in this group. Some common diagnosis would include Autism, Behavior concern, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Social Skill deficit and Lack of Coordination. Following the completion of the 8-week group, art projects will be displayed in an exhibit for families to view.

Young Artists Parent Questionnaire

2021-2022 (N = 19)

Pre and Post assessments are completed using modified Home & Community Social Behavior Scales and Peds Q-L. From 2021-2022, n=19 the average change in the modified Home & Community Social Behavior Scales was 6.89.