Pediatric Therapy Services

Interactive Metronome Program

Interactive Metronome Program for Motor Control and Coordination: Change in Average Raw Score (N = 133)

2017 - 2019

The Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a computer-based program designed to improve timing, attention, motor control, and coordination in children with a wide range of cognitive and physical difficulties.

The IM assessment was administered before treatment and at discharge. Analysis of patients’ change in raw score from baseline to discharge in 2017–2019 indicates a reduction of 107 points in average adjusted millisecond score. Lower scores indicate better performance in motor coordination.

The IM assessment tool consists of 7 descriptive categories for performance ranging from extreme deficiency to superior. Each category was assigned a number ranging from 1 to 7, with lower numbers indicating better performance. The graphs summarize group data for patient performance on the IM assessment. Descriptive categories are only assigned to children ages 6 and up, which reflects the difference in N.

Average Change in Interactive Metronome Descriptive Category (N = 105)

2017 - 2019

Between 2017 and 2019, 105 out of 107 children demonstrated average performance improvements in 2.15 descriptive categories. 86% of children showed improvement in a descriptive category.