Pediatric Therapy Services

Preschool Language Playgroup

Preschool Language and Playgroup: FOCUS-34 Score Improvement (N = 50)

2017 - 2019

The Preschool Language Play Group (PLPG) is a small, theme-based speech therapy group for preschoolers with expressive and/or receptive language delays. The group meets once per week for 8 weeks and is run by a speech language pathologist. Pre- and post assessments are administered using Focus on the Outcomes of Children Under Six (FOCUS 34©), a clinical and research tool that evaluates a child’s communication and interaction in “real world” situations. FOCUS- 34 is completed by a parent pre- and post intervention. A FOCUS-34 Total Score increase of greater than or equal to 11 points is considered a clinically significant change per test guidelines. The average improvement was 18.2 points on the Parent form.

Preschool Language and Playgroup: FOCUS-34 Total Score Increase (N = 50)

2017 - 2019