Cleveland Clinic, designated as a Mitochondrial Medicine Center by the national Mitochondrial Care Network, provides comprehensive and coordinated care for children and adults with genetic mitochondrial diseases.

The multidisciplinary program allows for optimal clinical care by expert specialists familiar with the many manifestations of the disorder. The team engages in clinical care and research and is a participating site in the North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium (NAMDC) which works in partnership with patient advocacy groups and the Mitochondrial Medicine Society to help set the standard of care for patients with Mitochondrial Disease.

Our Team

Sumit Parikh, MD
Director, Mitochondrial Medicine

Pediatric Care Specialists
Cardiology: Kenneth Zahka, MD
Cardiology (Electrophysiology): Peter Aziz, MD
Endocrinology: Roy Kim, MD
Gastroenterology: Kadakkal Radhakrishnan, MD
Ophthalmology: Elias Traboulsi, MD
Pulmonary Medicine: John Carl, MD

Adult Care Specialists
Cardiovascular Medicine: W. H. Wilson Tang, MD
Gastroenterology: Donald Kirby, MD
Gastroenterology (Motility): Prashanthi Thota, MD
Ophthalmology: Elias Traboulsi, MD
Pulmonary Medicine: Loutfi Aboussouan, MD
Pulmonary Medicine: Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila, MD

Genomic Medicine
Adnan Alsadah, MD

Genetic Counselor
Allison Schreiber

Care Coordinator
Ashley Kurtz

Research Coordinators
Irys Caristo
Susan Hallen